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Results of the year ROY Club Africa

💎 So, exactly a year has passed since the ROY Club began its work. This year was full of events, goals, tasks and flew literally in an instant. And now it is time to take stock and understand what we were able to achieve in this period of time.

And we were able to achieve very, very much! Huge work has been done, all records have been broken and all boundaries between dreams and reality have been erased. All-all that we have achieved is made possible thanks to YOU ​​🤝

Yes, YOU — to those who are reading this news. It doesn’t matter what status you have and how many coins you have in your account. Even if you are a Member with a hundred coins in your account, without you all this would be simply impossible. After all, we are a ROY, a swarm intelligence that works together for the benefit of the entire community and each individual participant 🐝

During this time we:

✓ Increased from 0 to more than 64,000 participants, exceeded all goals
✓ Invested more than 72,000,000 PRIZM, paid more than 50,000,000, made it possible for many people to live in abundance
✓ Successfully raised the PRIZM course, which at the start of the project was only $ 0.05
✓ We opened 17 offices not only in the Russian Federation, but also in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Africa, and Kazakhstan. Today in our community there are participants from dozens of countries
✓ We held 5 major business forums, each of which was larger than the previous one, regularly hold meetings of participants in dozens of cities
✓ Over 3 thousand Bronze statuses have been closed
✓ Over 450 Silver statuses closed
✓ Closed 64 Gold statuses, 6 Ruby statuses and 1 Sapphire status
✓ Launched real businesses and investment projects: ROY Hotel, Sea Village, ROI Housing, ROY Auto.
✓ Helped dozens of people and spent thousands of coins on charity initiatives, organized major charity events
✓ Created a beautiful functional site, chats, pages on social networks, created a mobile wallet and conducted a powerful marketing campaign and made the functionality easier, better and more convenient
✓ Conducted more than 500 webinars, released 9 streams, thousands of students at the Academy, created a huge amount of educational material
✓ Successfully returned hundreds of thousands of rubles lost by people in other projects, gave people hope for the future and faith in success!

And most importantly — we got closer, met and created a friendly community of like-minded people, where everyone wants to make a difference! Together we are strength and we can achieve even more in the next year! 💪

This whole year was just a warm-up, an assessment of our capabilities and abilities. And we showed that “they are not basted!” We have proved that there are no barriers for us! We started, we gained speed and are now ready to conquer the real peaks! ⛰

Ahead of the new year, during which we will achieve incredible results. Ahead are a million participants, new businesses, new products and services for PRIZM, new events, huge offices … 🔥

We have the whole world ahead, which we will change for the better! 🌈

Congratulations to all of you friends! 🎉

Very soon we will update the roadmap with the goals for 2020 and we will overfulfill them! Therefore, get ready for new, many times more serious achievements! 🔥🔥🔥

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