Apartment In Jerusalem Moishe

I don’t think my story is special or unique, this is why I am writing this article. Like so many people I made Aliya and came to Jerusalem with high hopes, only to find the lack of professional courtesy making it impossible to do anything.

Obviously, the first thing I needed to do was find myself an apartment in Jerusalem. This should be a relatively simple task in any normal city, as we all know this is no ordinary city. While I stayed in a hotel I started asking around on social media and people in my social circle on how I could find an apartment in Jerusalem, I never really got a clear cut answer. I didn’t find any companies online that dealt with long term rentals and people were mentioning different names of agents they used. I tried using a few of these agents, they were all rude, pushy and just after their overpriced one month of rent agents’ fee for finding me an apartment in Jerusalem.

Just as I was giving up, someone recommended I try a new company called Lion and Bear. I wasn’t really interested but I needed to find a place of my own so I had nothing to lose by giving them a try.

They were really nice, really professional, my experience completely changed. First of all Lion and Bear is American speaking olim, they made aliya and didn’t like the way how the real estate market in Jerusalem worked so they decided to open up a company to change it. Secondly, they have abolished the term agents fee and put in their own bracket system which makes their service charge cheap. Third and foremost they were really nice and professional, they helped me find an apartment in Jerusalem.

I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to find an apartment in Jerusalem. Even visit their website and you will already see a change in how professional and different they are to everyone else on the market.

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