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How to Start Your Real Estate Career in Paris and

Step 1: Find the best Real Estate agency next to your place and work for them for free

First thing to do when you want to become a Real Estate Broker is to find a good partner.

You want to find an agency to work with which is close to your place because you’ll spend a lot of your time there. The agency will bring you the tools to succeed and a network of clients. Also, you will learn from experienced salespeople working there. Start working for free as an intern or an assistant, show them your best, and become part of the team!

Step 2: Choose the right contract for you

When working as a Broker you can either be employed or independent, here’s the main differences:

If you are employed, you have a salary every month, when you sell a house or apartment and get your commissions, you have to give back to your employer the amount of the salaries that you received. Moreover, your commissions are lower than if you have an independent contract.

Being an independent Real Estate Broker means that you are not getting paid at the end of the month, you are getting paid only when you sell. Your commissions are higher and because you don’t have any salary, you don’t have any hours to respect.

Step 3: Create your network

You can first let know all the people you already know, as friends and family that you are now working in Real Estate.

But most importantly, you need to start answering the phone at the agency and take care of customers in the best way you can. If you give 100% they will appreciate it and they will call YOU back and not another random broker.

Step 4: Set your goals

It’s important to be ambitious here. In fact, failing to reach a huge goal is better than failing to reach a small one.

Instead of progressively increasing the size of your objectives, set a BIG goal straight away and let smaller achievement form the steps to achieve your final and ambitious goal.

Also, having a clearly defined goal will help you to make decisions wisely. When faced with a decision, you can always ask yourself: will this bring me closer to my goal?

Step 5: Work. Super. Hard

It is crucial, especially in the beginning of your career, that you outwork your colleagues and competitors. People should wonder if you sleep in the office. Come first in the morning, leave after anyone else in the night.

This will allow to have the respect of your colleagues. By doing this, no one will ever question if you get the job done or not.

Also, the more time you spend working, the more time you give to your clients, which is crucial when you want to succeed in this job.

The more you work, the more business you get. Work even harder while your competitors are resting, you’ll get the business they’re losing.

Step 6: Make mistakes

In most cases, you’ll fail before you succeed. Only through perseverance will you make far enough to see your hard work come to fruition. You really shouldn’t see failure as a negative thing, you should accept failure as a necessary part of reaching your goals.

The best way to learn something, is to make a mistake, understand why it is a mistake, and then fix it.

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