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What are the best ways to promote clickbank affiliate link

Here Are The Best Ways to Promote Clickbank Products

Banner Ads

It is a simple yet effective tactic for promoting Clickbank products. However, it requires you to have your website. Herein, you have to find an article on your website that is related to the Clickbank product that you want to promote. You have to paste the banner ad on the sidebar or in the middle of the article without resorting to any form of pre-selling.

As the traffic is somewhat related to the offer, you could see some conversions coming your way. The banner ad holds the affiliate link. When a visitor clicks on the banner, he is lead to the advertiser’s website or to a landing page where he gets more information about the product. When a sale is made, it is registered in your name.

If you do not have any related content on your website, you can opt for buying banner ads space on other websites that belong to the same niche. You can choose the websites which have high traffic volume and show your banner ads about Clickbank products on such websites. So, for your banner ad, you are getting traffic from different websites that are related to the product that you have chosen on Clickbank.

Article Marketing

In Article Marketing you paste In-content links directly in the text and come as recommendations from the author of the post. If you have built up an authoritative blog, chances are pretty high that visitors will click the affiliate link in your post. It is only because people believe what you say as you have built the trust level with your audience.

However, the in-content links are not very prominent and are noticed by only the attentive readers.

It requires you to have a blog or website with a large number of visitors so that the conversion rate is high. You can write product reviews or related topics on your website. Reviews traffic is extremely targeted and people visiting your post have a very high chance to buy your Clickbank products. You can even contact with other bloggers and write guest posts centered on the products and paste in-content links within your post.

Use Facebook

You would be crazy not to use Facebook for promoting Clickbank products. One of the easiest ways of promoting Clickbank products on Facebook is by writing product review style articles. Publish your review articles on the Facebook note. The articles should have eye-catching headlines.

You have to leverage the Facebook platform and increase your social circle on a daily basis.

You should promote the product on Facebook through your Facebook groups. You can join groups such as for online marketing or product category that you want to promote. You can post your

HopLink for the Clickbank products on the Facebook Page of your website. You can even resort to paid advertising on Facebook for promoting your chosen products.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to pin products from affiliate networks such as Clickbank. You have to use your affiliate link for each of your pins. When people follow the link to the specific website and make a purchase, you are seen as a referrer and earn the sale commission whenever a sale is made.

You have to come up with interesting pins that attract the attention of visitors. You can even post review articles about products and paste affiliate link in the post.

Email Marketing

The greatest benefit of Email Marketing is that you can take your time to convince them to buy the product. Plus, you have their contact details so you don’t lose them and can expose them to the offer again. However, you should not be aggressive in your sales pitch. There should be a pre-selling element when you pitch the products to your prospects.

So, you should let them know why they need the product and how the product can be useful to them. You should let them know the unique features and advantages of using the product. It should preferably be a series of emails to the prospects leading to the sale. In the last email, you should attach the affiliate link of the product that you want them to buy. So, the whole process should not look as a blunt sales effort and should not come out as spam.

Participate in Forums

You should join and actively participate in Forums that are related to Clickbank products. Forums prove a powerful channel when it comes to establishing you as an expert. So, you should join in discussions and regularly post your suggestions and reviews. It goes to establish your credibility with other forum members.

It is your trustworthiness and expertise that will convince other forum members and instigate them to buy products suggested by you. To make things easier for you, you should use your affiliate link as a signature when you sign off on these forums and message boards.

Use Craigslist to Promote Clickbank Products

Promoting Clickbank Products on Craigslist is easy, effective and rewarding. Craigslist is one of the oldest classified advertisements website. It has sections devoted to jobs, services, housing, community, personals, goods, advice, for sale, items wanted, discussion forums, and just about anything.

Promoting Clickbank products on Craigslist involves getting the affiliate link and posting a classified ad on Craigslist. However, you should give accurate information and specific details about the affiliate products. You should clearly tell the user how the products can benefit them. It will generate more sales and your ads would not be flagged for false information.

Promoting Clickbank Products on YouTube

YouTube is a very effective medium for promoting Clickbank products. The method is simple. You have to make videos on the product keywords and upload them to YouTube.

You can come up with product review videos and show in detail what the affiliate product has in store for the users. In the description of the video, you have to place your Clickbank affiliate link or HopLink.

The benefit of using YouTube for promoting Clickbank products is that you get targeted visitors for your videos. If the visitors get convinced with what you say in the product review videos, they would eventually click on the HopLink and go on to purchase your product.

Finally : In a nutshell, ClickBank University is a pretty decent product. I would recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic and passionate about selling online. But be patient. Don’t expect instant results from these tutorials. You have to do your own research and figure out the best possible way of profiting from this venture. If you proceed in the right path, surely success will be yours

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