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How VR boost the Real Estate Telinta Jenifer

Experiencing the virtual walkthrough before buying a property.

With the appearance of VR, a new era of entertainment and immersion has begun, an age in which the user finds themselves a participant in the content being displayed, rather than just a viewer.

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VR can change the way of buying a new home, an office space, a commercial space. Virtual Reality tour offers you the walkthrough experience inside the real estate space that you are intending for a possible purchase.

VirtualSpaces is a Mobile Virtual Reality U.S based startup, Ohio, that works on virtual reality Home Architecture Visualization. The company produces AAA level console visual quality renderings for the Real Estate Industry to help its customers to get the feel of being inside the building virtually.

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Four useful ways of benefiting the User,

1.Interactive Showcase of yet to be constructed house.

2.Simulate real-life walkthrough

3. Give the sense of scale, size, height, and depth

4.Showcase it Anywhere

A huge number of VR real estate projects have been mounting in recent times. Also, VR itself became more versatile and dynamic, and experts predict a steady rise of VR in real estate. The total revenue estimation of VR/AR software in this industry is $2.6 billion by 2025. Around 90% of organizations with incomes of $100 million or more are currently utilizing VR/AR Technology.

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Again Centaur Interactive, Florida, US-based 3D Content creating startup works in building a realistic 3D renders of any Architecture say an Apartment, Hotel rooms or resorts, Office space, etc. The professional Architect designs the technical drawing for proposed construction. The designs are mostly computer design or a paper design added with 3D pictures of the proposed building models.

In reality, as one can observe that it is something far from the client’s common perception to envisage how the building will turn up in the future. The huge building may apparently hard to envision as a whole at an early stage of planning. Offering a realistic three-dimensional view of the complete building structure can possibly help the client for this purpose.

Fortunately, as we live in the pace of immersive technology the virtually realistic ‘being-there’ experience significantly aids the builders in explaining the ultimate outcome of their project true to life right before the commencement of construction.

As far as the 3D rendering projects were concerned, it was important to ensure the client at every stage whether the proceeding is in accord with client specifications and requirements. This follows an iterative approach that comes in hand by genuine collaboration with the client.

The interior walkthrough experiences are built suitable to Oculus device whereas sometimes the exterior look is built supportable to google daydream and Gear VR.

Understanding the crux of the matter is the ultimate aim to design and evaluate a VR system is to enable the users to intuitively position their virtual viewpoint in 3D space. Enabling them further to navigate through space, eventually interacting with the subtle environment.

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