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I Sold A Mobile Game Account I Played Casually For

5 ways how you can tell if your mobile game account is worth selling or investing your time in for more money.

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“Thank you. Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?” I asked politely, after receiving a stack of $50 notes (that amounted to $1200) from the buyer. I counted the stack diligently, note by note before placing it into my wallet. It was so thick that I could not close my wallet without it being abnormally tight and oddly shaped. Feeling worried about my wallet overstretching, I took out the stack of notes and placed it in my pocket discreetly so as to not attract attention.

“Is the sum correct?” asked the buyer, “Yes, thank you” I replied. We both then waved at each other before parting. This was how I sold my most expensive mobile game account from Summoners War, the game I played casually without spending any money, 2 years ago.

I then went on to sell another account in the same game for $700 (purchased for $450), one for $80 in Digimon Linkz and even a Pokémon GO account for $750.

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Do you play mobile games?

Have you given your accounts away for free or just left it to rot after quitting?

Well, you can actually sell them for money after appraising it. Let me share with you 5 quick ways for how you can tell whether your mobile game account is worth selling.

Is there a market available?

Just like how there needs to be demand and supply before a transaction/trade can be made, there has to be a market facilitating it. As trading of mobile game accounts sometimes violates the game’s terms & conditions, one must be careful not to reveal their mobile game account identities or they might risk getting it banned.

There are many websites that act as a marketplace for trading game accounts (e.g.,,, If possible, it is advisable to deal face to face as it offers a sense of security for both sides. And if face to face trades are out of the picture, the next best thing is to use a middleman for the trade.

By taking a quick look at the different trades (both selling & buying), you will also be able to gauge the price range for the mobile game accounts. This would give you a better sensing of the average value.

An active market is a good sign

If you can find an active market that has a high volume of trades for that particular mobile game, then the average value of the accounts would tend to be better. The high volume of trades improves your odds of carrying out your ideal trade, making it more worthwhile to sell your mobile game account.

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