Maarten Schumacher
Money isn’t earned it’s distributed Academics and Friends for

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

One of the many evil things that capitalism does is to make you think you need to earn money. When you work, you get money. Therefore, the money is earned by working for it. It seems common-sense, but actually it’s completely false.

The best way to make money is not by working, but by investing. Someone who inherits money can simply invest and watch it grow. They did nothing to deserve that money.

Contrast that to a stay-at-home parent raising a child. They don’t receive any money for their work, even though it is invaluable to the economy.

Money is not a merit-based system. It’s not a reward for hard work. Nobody deserves to have less or more money than anybody else.

People get shocked by leftist calls for wealth redistribution, as if right-wing policies aren’t already redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich by cutting taxes, de-regulating banks, and many other corporate-friendly measures.

Capital has a tendency to concentrate. Not because the person holding that capital is so exceptionally talented, but simply because the more money you have, the more it grows, the more power you have to tip the scales in your favor even more.

Let’s change the way money is distributed to reflect the idea that everybody is worthy. And let’s stop thinking about money as something that is earned, since it destroys our sense of self-worth.

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