When Reality Hits TYwrites

What do they say about traveling through uncharted courses? They come with their own unique challenges. And as you’ll find out shortly, they really do require unlimited amount of attention to details, massive financial input, patience and an unflinching dedication to the ultimate goal, which, in most cases, is financial security.

I recently informed you that I was told by a friend that there was a massive vacation incentive organized by a certain group of smart entrepreneurs. What I hadn’t had time to check out was the website of the said group. I knew I would ultimately do the check but just decided to take the message from my friend at a little above face value. I was trusting that my friend has provided me with the absolutely important information bit necessary to know before engaging with this incentive.

Being someone that was hungry for results and eager to work on the missions dished out by my trainers from the beginning of the week, I decided to build a product around the incentive provided and make a dummy sales message around that. Today however, I decided that I was running out of time and would pin down the terms and conditions that goes with the vacation incentive. It wouldn’t be too different from what my friend told me, would it?

Errm, wrong actually. Even though it wasn’t far from the truth, the fact is the missing information bits could cause a massive stir in business trust between entrepreneur and clients. Advertising agencies know about all these but always find ways to smartly pass information to make sure the targeted audience isn’t distracted. This was exactly what my friend did. It so happens to be that there was more to just “vacations” than meets the eye.

People are always smart when it comes to giving out their money online. And when I went through the terms I realized immediately why some vital information were left out by my friends. Needless to say, the whole product I managed to build around the incentive became null even though I had spent some money on it. So I’m here, still searching for the right product or service to build around “my incentive.” Anyone wanna help? Lol.

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