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When a Spouse Asks For “Stability” It Is a Responsibility

Being a regularly-updated collection of my articles about how to succeed on the Medium platform, and more.

With the realization that Medium Series exists for such collections, my personal preference is to instead collect these pieces, in this fashion, to repost on an ongoing basis. This is my first collection, which includes five articles about maximizing your Medium experience. My reason for doing this is because each of these posts has been acclaimed, and several writers here have considered them helpful.

As I write daily on Medium, I figure it is my responsibility to share what has worked for me.

These posts are not in any order, but as you read them understand that I live the writer’s life daily. I know the struggles. The stress over meeting the bills, the desperation, the difficulty with relationships.

I write about these scenarios, with no hesitation in being personal, because if I can help a fellow writer, I will.

Stress. Many if not most of us know it all too well. What surprises me, however, is how many seem to stress over Medium curation.

Medium “curates” stories that they believe to be of certain quality, promoting them across their various platforms. Sometimes I’m curated, sometimes not. It’s not worth your stress, and here’s why:

  • For every article not curated, you’re that much closer to where you need to be. How? By diligently working on your craft. The more you write and learn, the stronger your writing will become. Once the editors believe your work has attained their expected quality level, you will be curated.
  • There is no such thing as “curation jail.” It’s a myth, and a convenient one, to excuse why your story has not been “accepted for publication.” It’s akin to saying you wrote the world’s greatest screenplay but Hollywood doesn’t appreciate such “visionary” talent. Please, let it go. Don’t get caught up in the excuse morass.
  • In the meantime, build up your social media presence. Invite your friends and connections from other platforms to this one. The more fans of your work, the more money you will earn. The more money you will earn, the more motivated you will become. To keep those fans, write but write well. Again, work on your craft and curation will come.
  • With curation comes greater organic exposure, but if your social media grows, your readership will increase regardless. Curation with a bigger audience already from social media will expose your work that much further.
  • Curation is validation and does not come free. You must earn it. For some, curation is more validating than money. Set your goals, and in that case work towards curation.

So why the stress over something that you need to earn? I don’t know either.

You can do this.

The purpose of this next article was to a) distinguish between writing for free vs. writing “on spec,” and b) to dismiss the naysayers that will tell you writing for “content mills” (a pejorative) such as Medium is prostituting their art.

“Well,” I’ve asked, “have you tried it?”

“No. I told you I don’t give away my work.”

Let them complain and don’t listen to them. I too started here writing for about 3 or 4 cents a month.

Things have changed.

Regarding this one … take a read. I’ll allow it to speak for itself.

Medium is a site I write for because I enjoy it. I’ve started to make some friends and money here, and will continue to post updates to this Medium collection when I find more wisdom to share.

I encourage you to do the same.

Thank you, as ever, for reading.

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