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Affiliate Marketing Make Money Online from Home Bharwad Sailesh

Affiliate Marketing is a platform that is a good place for newbies to start an online business.

The commissions for each product and each company will differ. Usually, where the commission is lower the affiliate can generate more sales due to product popularity, cost, and brand awareness.

Many digital products found on sites like pay up to 75% commissions on sales and the affiliate can also generate a recurring commission as well.

It’s important when learning about the simple Affiliate Marketing for beginners’ process, not to feel overwhelmed, as there are a number of “things to do” from start to finish.

This is not a get-rich-quick plan but an online career that can generate 10,000’s per month indefinitely. Many Affiliates Marketers have multiple sites, some earning little and others earning a lot of revenue.

It’s not hard to become an affiliate marketing and normally there’s no charge to join. Many companies will require that you have an active website and some, like Amazon, will cancel your affiliate account if no sales are made within 6 months of joining. You can re-apply at a later date and be sure to have enough site traffic to make some sales.

3 Steps To Start The Process of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

1. Choose a topic or niche

Make a list of things that really interest you and see if there’s something that you are really passionate about. Make another list of products that you could promote for each interest on the list. I would start with about 5–10 interests and products and trim that down to one topic or niche and the product(s) relevant to that choice. Now forget about the others and focus completely on your chosen topic.

Let’s say, for example, I have a passion for football or camping. I could do some research and discover that there is a strong market interest in one or both. Then I would choose my niche camping or football and decide what products to promote on my new (camping or football) website.

There are thousands of companies that have affiliate programs online, for example, Amazon, eBay, and ClickBank to name just a few. There are many affiliate networks with thousands of programs to take part in but choosing doesn’t have to be difficult once you have your niche selected.

2. Build Your Own Website

This is easy when you follow a step by step plan. WordPress and some other sites make it really easy, however, there is a very real learning curve that needs to take place for our own growth and development. Take the time to learn everything as you go and don’t be in a rush to make money. This is more of a long haul opportunity where it’s very easy, over time, to have 3–4 websites earning revenue each and every month.

3. Draw Targeted Traffic

Promote your site when you feel it’s ready for traffic, similar to opening a store. Now another phase of the successful journey is to attract like-minded, targeted viewers to the site to benefit from your offer with some making purchases earning commissions for you even while you’re sleeping or on vacation.

There are a lot of marketing strategies to choose from which include article marketing, email, social media — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, forums, commenting and leaving links and more. Your focus now is on getting accounts with the social media and posting comments with links back to your site.

Everything can be outsourced and something most probably will be as one person can only do so much. It’s best to work with a partner if possible, someone whom you work well with and that will make for much less outsourcing.

You’ll need to keep producing fresh articles for your website to maintain a good ranking with the search engines.

It’s necessary to develop internet marketing techniques because you can no longer put up a new website on the internet and hope that people will visit it. This doesn’t work anymore. What you need is a web presence that will send traffic to your website from all over the internet.

This strategy is incredible because you have the opportunity to create a vehicle that will lead traffic to your website. Each time that you create a new resource, you will be able to add your affiliate link to the article. When you create more resources, your position in cyberspace keeps growing and growing, and people will click on the links to your website.

The five different sources that will work as a funnel that leads traffic to your website include the following:

Blogs are your personal webpages that tell the public about your products. As an affiliate marketer, your blog can be about your products. The search engines love blogs because they are always being updated with fresh, new content. They also contain several keywords. A blog will be one of the first websites that the search engines will look for, so it is very likely that you and your product will be noticed online when you have a blog.

Email Marketing — Email marketing lets you introduce people to your products, but it also ensures that you are connected to these people. With this being the case, you can introduce new products to your email list over and over again.

YouTube — Keywords are also important for YouTube. When someone wants to search for a product, the types keywords into the search engines. The major search engines are regularly sending YouTube results to their results pages, and this is making YouTube a powerful tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

Press Releases — When you write a press release, you have the opportunity to create your own news, and it can be about anything you like. Press releases are great for creating the buzz that you are looking for over the internet. They are also favorites of the search engines, and that is always a positive thing.

Social Networking Platforms — You may be on several social networking websites where you can keep in touch with your family and friends. These platforms also give you an opportunity to have a place where you can find customers. For example, you can introduce your customers to new products and engage with them online.

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