Philip Nadurak
“Sorry I’m just too busy” Philip Nadurak

If we’re not careful we can easily sink into a black hole of business. We wish we could talk to those people we miss, attend those awesome events, focus on our own health. But we’re just too busy.

It’s right at the beginning of the new year and a new chance to live healthier. But I’m not going to mention mental, physical, or emotional health even though those things need serious attention and nurture.

I am speaking of spiritual health.

To those who call themselves christians, I have some questions for you.

  1. Do you miss church more than you’d like?
  2. Do you miss bible reading more than you’d want?
  3. Do you find yourself attending church but not really “being” and “living” as part of the church?

If you answered yes to all of them, then it’s healthy to acknowledge that. If you answered yes to just one of them, it’s also healthy.

Here’s the thing, start the new year actively protecting and arranging your life so that it supports those things you want to do. In my experience when people consider buying a house or getting a new job they consider it financially, but not really spiritually.

For example, I could apply for a job that offers $100,000 a year at 40 hours a week. Offers great benefits too. But the work is so intense that I would go home exhausted, no real quality time is left for relationships with God or people, and my life just becomes my work. Is this a job worth having?


If you claim to be a christian but you find yourself living apart from a church, consumed by work and being busy, not really reading your bible, it’s time to change. Face what exactly is taking your time, and ask: what is going on?

Is it truly because work is taking too much out of you? Then try to get less hours or get a better suited job.

Are your expenses so high that you’re so stressed out all the time and all you do is comfort activities? Then try to reduce your expenses drastically to make room for peace.

For many, this is simply crazy if they’re not even religious. But to those who want to truly follow Christ, be willing to let go and live a certain way that supports your relationship with God rather than chokes it.

If that means selling your current house and having a cheaper one with a more reasonable mortgage then so be it. If it means getting an easier but lower paying job, so be it. Following Jesus is supposed to clash with the way the world lives on many different levels. Too many people live for materialism, sex, money, power, or fame.

You live for Jesus. So let 2020 reflect a year where you clearly, boldly, and in faith, live a life that supports your relationship with God and people rather than chokes it.

If you’re so busy that you don’t have time, change things and make time. Don’t let yourself be in a constant cycle of having no time for what really matters. It’s do or die, you will not get your time back.

If you don’t change now, when will you?

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