Managing your personal finance sanely Vivek

Unicorn money box and coins stacked by @anniespratt

Every month I used to go through the same anxiety-filled routine trying to figure out how to split my income between bills, mortgage, EMIs, etc and then spend the rest of the month worrying if I forgot to pay any bills or EMIs and then end up spending money on unnecessary things thinking that I have enough money left to save. It became so worse that I started panicking when I got my salary.

Then one day I sat down with my wife who is really good at managing her finances and thought about the problem, and I understood my issue is due to a lack of visibility and planning about my financial situation. So I started to create a solution for it using Google sheets and added tabs for tracking my Income, recurring bills, monthly expenses, and savings.

The income tab tracks all my income from salary consulting etc

The bills tab tracks all bills and expenses that are recurring every month, this includes my rent, internet bills, other EMIs, etc

The expenses tab tracks every month’s ad-hoc expenses like eating out, sports events, etc. I added columns for each month in the tab and added a small budget at the start of every month.

So just with these 3 tabs, I was able to have really good visibility about my financial situation and that in result helps me to properly plan my savings. So for the first time in my life, I started making plans for savings yay 🎉

The savings tab tracks my savings for each month since I didn’t know anything about saving money I just started with two goals for savings, save for an emergency fund and also save for a trip to Amsterdam. Adulting should be fun too right 😜. So the goal was to save 500 EUR every month till I acquire 3000 EUR as an emergency fund and also save 100 EUR every month till I save 500 EUR as my half of the travel expense. I also started a separate bank account without a debit card to put my savings, I really like separation and clarity 😬

And whatever that is left after the recurring bills, monthly expenses and savings will go to the savings account at the end of the month.

This sheet improved the visibility of my financial situation and also helped me actually save some money, but every month I have to copy-paste my expenses column for the new month from the previous month and track them which became boring really fast, like after the first time LOL. So being an Android developer I did what every other developer will naturally do, build an app for that. Yes I know what you are thinking

Yea I know there are tons of apps in play store for tracking your finance, but I couldn’t help but make another one, I am sorry. But seriously, I wanted to make an app that is really simple to use and does not steal your data and sell to some other company and then show you targeted ads *cough cough* big social media company *cough cough* So I built it myself, an app that is simple to use, works fully offline and doesn’t sell your data or show you creepy ads. You can see some of the screenshots of the app below

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