Jae Duk Seo
US Fed and Repo Crisis Jae Duk Seo

Built business from online videos → created a YouTube Channel → such as wine show and other stuff, be moved from YouTube to other platforms. (but that was a mistake → this was an interesting opportunity.

Left to soon and that was not a good decision. (he is good with digital marketing)

Subscribers and views → are not that important → to build his brand in digital play space. (the amount of money he makes is not correlated from Ads → hence his money are not made from numbers)

Building a business is very important and interesting. (he would rather do interviews → interesting approach was made.

The platform is growing and very interesting → engagement and the community is the most important thing.

If they care about you, you win → the fans that travel and love the most → it is not always about the numbers → leaving comments and everything → that is so important.

Digital Brands → should always do → thank the people who are loving the comments and more.

Online videos? → it’s okay if you are not good in front of a camera → you do not have to do videos. (but have to find your medium → so, at the end of the day, there are other assets → the video might not be a good medium are not for you)

But Videos are so good → the biggest opportunity → snap-chat and musically → those two things. (vine and other stuff → platforms)

The world is phone → digital contents → there is so much more → stuff on mediums. (this is so interesting).

Stay in one device → but win in every channel. (there are so much more methods to get famous and more). (there are some upside in the other field → so at the end of the day → find your financial asset → that is the most important aspect in the world)

Really know who you are → brand awareness → you are just going to stay in on your lane → he is a workaholic → and that is the content that he is creating.

Build a team around you → much more effective → hiring someone is important → could go hire someone who is less and give → some of the money. (good hiring is the key for scale → this is so important → there are young people talent → they would do video editing production)

Those things are methods of scaling. (being a one-man band having some limitation)

For their own business relationships → just do it on your way → there are ways to hire and bring scale into the game. (next question → storyteller → should be inspirational → the story has to be real)

Content has to be real → it is going to be true → and for this social media age, → there is no better than truth. (life is long → truth is the truth)

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