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Steps to Passive Income Creating Video Reviews Mark

I believe in choosing One route, rather than traveling 20 different directions. The power of a narrowed focus is what brings the top-level performers to success.

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Create Video Reviews

Whether you like how you look on camera is beside the point. People aren’t clicking on your content because of how you look, okay maybe that’s the case sometimes. More than likely, though, they are clicking because they came online with a particular search in mind. For example, Debby Smith has been experiencing back pain from sitting in an office every day for hours on hours. She’s been researching different ways to alieve the strain, and she comes across your helpful video detailing just that. You made a quick video on unboxing a new standup desk you purchased on Amazon. The video shows you assembling the standup desk; while doing this, you’re also explaining the health benefits of working while standing and the increased focus since you’ve started using it. Meanwhile, Debby is watching the video, she feels informed and reassured by her choice to make a purchase.

8 Steps to Get Started

Step 1. If you haven’t done so yet, you’re going to need an Amazon Affiliate Program Account. Signing-up will take five minutes. Upload your address, phone number, fill out the W9, and your Social Security Number. You’ll choose your payment preference. There are three different options -1. Direct Bank Deposits 2. Amazon Gift Card 3. Check by Mail ($100 Min. Payment). Congrats, you’ve been granted full access to the Amazon Associates Portal. Now, you are allowed to get started with creating links to products you want to promote. It will take some time for Amazon to go through your information and to make sure you are who you say you are. Once complete, you will be able to start receiving deposits into your bank account.

Step 2. I am going to assume you already have a YouTube account and a smartphone with a camera. The next step is choosing a quiet place to shoot your videos. If you’re working on a budget, don’t fret, you can still shoot amazing videos utilizing items from around the house. Use a neutral background, such as a blank wall, with no distractions behind you. Make sure to limit glare or bad lighting from windows, or you can cover the windows with a sheet to control the light. Having a table in front of you will be ideal, depending on the item you’re unboxing. You will be handling the phone at times to get close-ups of the product to give better insight into the quality and hard to see details. You will start your videos standing at a distance from the camera and will need your camera to be level. I recommend setting up a stack of books to be level with you and your product.

Step 3. Research the product you decide to make a video on. Figure out why this product is unique and serves as a solution for the consumer. Due diligence will help for several reasons, but the biggest being that you will get greater traction from creating real value. There’s a saying in sales, don’t have commission breath. People have an innate ability to sense alternative motives. I recommend starting with the products you use on a daily bases and are already creating value in your life, which will allow you to be authentic in your approach. Plan what you’re going to talk about and practice saying it before you purchase the item (I’ll explain why).

Step 4. Purchasing the product on a budget unless you just bought it and still have the box. The reason I wanted you to practice before you buy it is that unless you intend to keep the product, then you are going to want to be timely about your video so you can return it. Returning the item will allow you to virtually start your passive income with zero out of pocket, except for the time you gave up to make it. Which then, it is wash and repeat the cycle of unboxing reviews.

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Step 5. Now, it is time to make the video and put it out there for the public. You’ve created a place for shooting your videos, you got your table for the product, great lighting, found your product, you practiced what you’re going to say, and have purchased the item. Now, lights, camera, and action. You will probably hate the first 48 videos you make, and that is fine. Realize this; the consumer is more interested in solving their issue and less on what you look like or how you sound.

Step 6. There are a lot of great resources when it comes to editing your new video. Your phone probably has some great features for adjusting colors and filters, but if you want a more detailed editor, I recommend Wevideo.

Step 7. The most important part other than actually making the video is creating a clear and robust description of where they can purchase your item. For example, In this video, I’m reviewing a Sit and Stand-Up Mobile Desk. You’ll see how easy it is to set up and instantly create less strain on your back. I’ll take you through the unboxing to completion. Are you interested in you adding value to your workspace? Follow my affiliate link here: Adjustable Desk. This description is a very generic example, and you will want to customize it to your product.

Step 8. Lastly, once you start to earn an income from your videos and are ready to make it more professional, check out my favorite items for creating a Home Video Studio. I’ve handpicked all of the things that will elevate your game to the next level, which you can find here using my affiliate link: Home Video Set and Audio.

With anything in life, it takes time, consistency, and grit. If your dream is to make a life by design and financial freedom, then you need to take the hardest step, starting. Once you start, you need to keep going and not quit. Setbacks are just that a setback, failing is stopping. So as long as you keep moving forward, you are a success. The most significant piece of advice I can give is to make these review videos, as you would like to watch them. What was the last item you bought, did you watch a video or read a review? Maybe it was one of those reviews that drove you to make the purchase, do the same thing. Creating value always wins.

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