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How to Get Financially Naked With Your Partner Cha Ching

It’s time to strip down to the dollars and cents

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You are closer to your partner than anyone else. You share your meals, your bed, and your bodies with each other. Though this seems like the ultimate picture of togetherness, there’s one essential thing you may not have shared; an open and honest discussion about your finances.

Money is a powerful energy. We crave it or deny it, reject it or be able to bring it to us effortlessly; whatever energy we share with money, it has a hold over us. And whether we like it or not, we need money to survive.

With this much power, we will have unique money habits. Our station in life forms our belief systems. Our upbringing and our personal experiences shape our ideas further. Each one of us has particular beliefs and ways of managing (or mismanaging) our money.

I once read a story about a money guru who watched her father walk into a burning building. Why? The building was his business, and he risked himself to retrieve his cash register. That register was all the money he had. With that single event, her father imprinted the belief that money was the most essential thing in the world.

All of us have had significant events that have imprinted into our brain and effect our personal beliefs about the energy of money and what kind of bearing it has in our lives.

With such strong emotions about money, couples may find it challenging to be open with each other. Money conversations can be awkward and difficult. We would much rather strip naked and roll around in bed together! Discussing money isn’t near as much fun.

We may also have money isssues we’re embarrassed about; loan debt, credit card debt, owing back taxes, battling gambling addiction, working for low wages, or being unable to support ourselves and needing government assistance or help from family. These are the things that we might prefer to keep to ourselves. The longer we keep these things hidden from our partner, the worse it will be for our relationship; it may even be the one thing that breaks us.

However, couples who can sit together and bare themselves financially to each other can boost the bond between them. Letting your partner know your fiscal stance is the one way to let them in on one of the most intimate parts of your life.

Even with the possible negativity that money can bring into a conversation, if it’s done with compassion and support for each other, It can be a stimulating and positive experience for you and your partner.

We experience monumental stages in our intimate relationships, making love for the first time, meeting each other’s family, living together, getting engaged, and/or getting married. Doing a financial strip dance for each other is a significant step in your relationship too. It shows you’re serious about each other, and you’re committed to working together to make the relationship succeed.

The best time to get financially naked with your partner is when you’ve declared yourselves an exclusive couple, and long before you move in together or get married.

But, if you’ve already taken these steps, you can still go full monty about money with your partner. It’s never too late to open up with each other about the essential parts of your life.

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