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I seldom take advice from Medium writers

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I seldom take advice from Medium writers.

Admittingly there are some useful tips about writing offered by many contributors on Medium that I have found beneficial. In my eighth month now writing on Medium, I have limited myself to offering my opinion on a variety of subjects most of which are not related to the subject of writing.

My opinions are based upon an understanding of the subject. My writings don’t offer advice intended to persuade readers to agree or support my opinion or position. I consider myself unqualified as a new writer without the educational background or experience to offer advice to others.

A lot of advice is freely given from writers. I found these tips helpful, especially in the beginning. Then a pattern began to emerged. The writers I started to follow in the beginning reported that they wrote as frequently as every day. I found this to be an extraordinary accomplishment for any writer.

Obsessed with success

Some of these folks seemed obsessed with the same or similar subjects and were full of advice on how others can and should achieve success. How to make more money by developing multiple income streams. I also note that many are selling courses on writing, seeking to expand their e-mail lists and other promotions.

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I found these articles of little value since my personal interest was in learning the skills that would help me learn a craft that would challenge my intellectual and emotional health in my advanced years.

Dissatisfied with the path of reading I had chosen, I started to seek writers who were more aligned with my core values and goals. I write for the therapeutic value that I discovered to be fundamental to the craft of writing from the heart. I began my quest to seek such writers out. I have found that there are dozens if not hundreds of writers in this category.

A lot of writers offer opinions, and in some cases, advice on alternative subjects. Everyday events, relationships, personal feelings, overcoming challenges in their lives, surviving loss and hardship, etc. These are the folks I follow and try to emulate now. My motivation to write has been taken to a new level.


For me, these writers contribute far more to my understanding and sensitivity as fellow human beings than the amount of money they make. These writers demonstrate the courage to share their stories with no expectation of reward. I suspect they find the experience very liberating. For me personally, my writing has created a portal that releases a lot of pent up feelings, regrets and pain.

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I finally had to ask myself the question, “Why am I writing on Medium?” I believe I have already answered the question. Medium isn’t perfect. I question that for some, the rules are not applied equally. But it is a platform with a wide following and offers a new writer a opportunity to write with a purpose or goal. Medium provides a platform for growth, a place to practice, to test your writing skills, to improve and feel the freedom to write what’s on your mind.

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