Habits to drop in MoneyAfrica

I ate and cooked a lot during the festive holidays. I saw a few ants hovering outside the dustbin in my house, while tidying up and it got me thinking. Are there lessons one can learn about ants pertaining to money and indeed life? I think they are.

Strike when it is hot

If you leave anything sugary hanging around, in a few minutes you see ants all over. The speed at which they move is amazing. Opportunities to make money in 2020, will come and a few will be fickle. When you do observe them, strike when you can.

The first half of 2019 was a great time. For example to buy one year treasury bills for at least 10%. Who would have thought that by December 2019, a one year treasury bill would be going at less than 6% ? Well below the inflation rate.

Leave nothing on the table

Ants are also very clinical when it comes to going after food. They do not leave one bit on the table. You should apply the same spirit to your finances in 2020. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Do not be sloppy about your work, or your finances. Go through the fine print.

Build your network

When an ant encounters a big piece of food, it calls other ants to its aid. Ever watched ants dragging food?

Don’t be the only one making money moves in 2020. Hook up your family and friends. Not everyone will appreciate this. Initiate the first step. Start the first move.

Prepare for the rainy day

You would expect an ant to take life one day at a time. Ants always prepare for the rainy days due to their persistent nature. Every bit of food is tucked away.

For human beings, a rainy day goes beyond a few crumbs. It could be school fees, house rent or preparing for job loss. Build up your emergency funds!

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