5 Ways to Pay Your Bills When Your Broke and Unemployed
Ways to Pay Your Bills When Your Broke and

Lack of work can really drag a person down. It doesn’t just feel bad mentally, it makes it so you cannot provide for yourself and your family. Fortunately nowadays, if you just look around you will find a lot of different money making options that are not average everyday jobs. These jobs will NOT make you rich, they are just ways to make some cash. These are all jobs and tasks that you can do on your own without having to respond to an employer.

Selling Your Old Stuff and Thrift Store Flipping

Everywhere on the internet you will find articles about selling your unwanted or old items and buying and flipping from yard sales and thrift shops. This is because it is true! I have made upwards of $1000 a month from the 2 combined.

Sell Your Unwanted Treasures

This is how I did it. It wasn’t hard, in fact it was actually fun. The best part of it all was that I didn’t need any money to get started. We all have an attic, a basement, a closet or even boxes of old things we do not use anymore. It doesn’t stop there, if we carefully go through each room on the house, we will find more things we don’t actually need. This old junk can turn into cash quick!

After you have spotted a few items you can live without, get on the internet. There are 1000’s of places to begin but EBay is by far the easiest to make any amount of money on. Research and find out how much people are bidding on your items. If there seems like there are actual bids on that item, then you most likely have an easy sale. Then you price your item by looking at what the item was actually sold for. Watch your product sell!

If your item doesn’t seem popular, then still research what people have sold that particular item for and price accordingly. The item will eventually sell if your price is competitive with other prices, but you might have to be a little patient and wait until someone who is looking for that particular item buys it. It’s best to try and price your item a dollar or two less than the other posted items, this gives a buyer reason to choose you over the other seller selling the same thing. This type of sale typically will not happen that day. It could take up to a month. If it doesn’t happen by then it might be best just to take that item off and research more popular stuff to sell.

You can do this for as long as you find things in your house to sell. I found an old Le Cruset pot in my basement and it sold for $80 right away. I found an old Burberry shawl with a small burn mark and sold it the following day for $100. I never wore it once.

Weird items sell, Polly Pocket, Monster High and Cabbage Patch dolls from my childhood sold immediately. Anything Kitchen Aid or Pyrex was the same way. Things I literally would have just given to Goodwill or even the trash can profited me 100’s of dollars.

Make sure to keep researching online, look up popular products that sell. Check out Amazon, Ebay and any other websites where individual sellers market their stuff.

If you want to be a little more serious about selling, I would recommend setting up an individual seller account. You will have to do little more work than usual to sell on Amazon, you have to apply and fill out tax forms, and most importantly adhere to their rules and policies. Because you will make a decent amount of sales and money there, their rules are strict. If you break them they will not hesitate to take away your ability to sell, which are by the way quite difficult to get back if you lose them.

Give Mercari is a shot, it’s a great app to get, you will be able sell certain things there you wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. Try these techniques, they work!

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Thrift Store & Yard Sale Flipping

Now if you have never done this before you have to try it. Believe it or not, this pretty fun also. You do need some money (use the money you made selling one of those things you don’t need anymore) just to get started up. $5–10 should be fine. Hit up the early morning yard sales (I’m talking like 6am to 8am) and your local Goodwill or whatever second hand store nearest you.

Nowadays we have so many ads on Facebook for local yard sales and also online yard sales if you don’t want to do the physical part of the shopping. The same goes for Goodwill, they have an awesome auction site with things beginning at just a buck. 4 quarters! You want to make sure you take into account shipping, try to find free obviously, but if not you factor that cost in like it is a part of the price you are willing to pay.

Since you have been researching popular products to sell up until this point, you should have an idea of things to buy. Make sure that you pay attention to the quality of things before you buy them. If pieces are missing or something is damaged you can definitely still sell it, just as long as it’s something people are buying. Do not ever stop researching, everyday you will discover something new you can sell. Put a list in your phone notes while you shop, there is no way you can keep this all in your head at once, plus you want to jot down any new ideas you have along the way. Once you find a few things that you feel might sell, go back and post them on whatever websites you had luck with selling from before and collect your money.

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Sell Your Plasma

So I will be the first to admit this sounds weird. I mean I had heard of blood donation before, but never plasma. Plasma donation is a super easy way to make money and there is the added benefit of helping other people in the process. There are now studies being done with plasma now where scientists are finding cures for rare diseases.

You can donate on a consistent basis but I’m sure it is different for each establishment. The place that I went to you allowed you to donate for about $40 session 2 times a week. Each session would take about an hour to complete and you would receive your funds on a prepaid debit card after you are done.

All of the sessions are about an hour except for the first one. Once you get past the first appointment it’s smooth sailing. When you get to your introductory appointment make sure that you have 2 proper I.D’s with you. This includes a driver’s license and a social security card or birth certificate. Make sure that your address matches your I.D. This was important at the place I went to and so was having a second I.D.

You have to have a exam done by a doctor to make sure that your health is good enough to go through with the donation. It is not intense or to in-depth, so if you are in average to good health you will pass it. The doctors are mainly concerned with the medicines that you are taking, whether or not you have ever been an IV drug user, been incarcerated recently and so on. You also have to weigh a certain amount, which I believe was 120lbs at the establishment I went to.

Once you are done with the medical side of things it is smooth sailing. The only thing I will say before telling you how simple the whole donation process is, is that you cannot be afraid of needles. The needle itself is not painful, but the size of it can be intimidating. If you cannot get past that and you have a phobia of needles, this is NOT for you. It doesn’t hurt, it just looks like it will.

The nurse checks to make sure your veins are sufficient to complete the process, and then you can just sit down until they have collected enough plasma. They encourage you to bring your cell phone, laptop, a blanket or a book, anything that makes you comfortable for the hour you will be there.

It may sound like a lot to do, but after the first visit it’s a very easy way to make money. If you do it once or twice a week you can make as much as $300–500 a month. Not to bad for giving something of yourself to help another person in need.

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Advertise For a Business With Your Car

This one is about the easiest way you could possibly make money. You honestly do nothing other than attach some sort of (large) sign to your car’s back windshield or put one of those hard, plastic triangular shaped stand-up signs on the roof of your car. Now you might feel a little silly driving around with one of these on your vehicle, but I personally would feel a lot less silly when I got a check for $500 each month I did it. Pretty good for doing absolutely nothing!

If you look on Craigslist or your local paper, you will find (usually under gigs, but still search all of CL jobs anyways)these companies offering cash pay in exchange for marketing. I have seen real estate agents, auto companies and so on, all looking for people to advertise for them. Try it, you may be surprised in what you stand to gain in money.

Labor Ready & Sign Holding Jobs

You know how you always see on busy roads people holding huge signs shouting about “blow out” sales for different businesses? Those are sign holding type jobs. Anybody can do it if they are willing to stand there and hold a sign. If you look in the paper or on Craigslist any day of the week you see these jobs for $12 an hour, which is higher than minimum wage in the state I live in. If you for some strange reason you can’t locate a job in the paper, just go to your local Labor Force type place where they pay for day labor.

If they don’t have sign holding jobs that day, I promise they will have something else to do so you can get paid. These range from cleaning jobs to construction and flagging.

I have not personally held a sign but I know people personally who have. I did go to a Labor Force type place and got jobs cleaning out RVs. I was paid about minimum wage. The one thing you do need to remember is to get there early. Like 6am or earlier early. They do you have a limited amount of jobs and they usually get assigned in the morning.

This kind of work can certainly be labor intensive, but it beats not feeding your kids or losing your home.

Personal Shopping & Task Apps

There are hundreds of apps that pay for random tasks. Some I have used and gotten paid for where mystery shopping jobs like EasyShift or Mystery Shopper where you shop like a normal customer but you report back to the app with the answers to particular questions.

Other apps like GigWalk and Field Agent pay for strange duties like taking pictures of display stands in grocery stores or locating certain real estate and taking pictures of the houses requested.These jobs do not pay a lot of money and you usually have to get it through PayPal or something similar. Don’t expect more than $5–10 a job, but if you are persistent about it you could generate some cash flow.

The type of apps that make real money (enough to pay bills) are personal shopping apps like Shipt and lnstacart. I actually current work with Shipt where I shop at places like Target or Harris Teeter and then deliver them to the customer. I can make between $200–300 a week consistently part-time (20 hours a week) by accepting jobs and making tips.

I have never done Instacart, but it’s quite similar. With Shipt you can make your own schedule where they will send you jobs during your time slots when the jobs are available. I usually just log on when I have the time and desire to work and if there are jobs I take them. They range from picking up deliveries only to shopping for as few as 2 to 40 items to deliver. It’s a great way to earn money since we already have to shop and drive anyways, if you have a drivers license and access to a vehicle you can do it.

There are no rules about the car you use either, like Uber and Lyft. Plus it’s much safer, you never put someone in the car with you or go into anyone’s house. A lot of moms who stay at home do this job.

You do need to apply for the job through the app. It’s not to difficult, you answer questions, submit a video of yourself and why you are good for the job, and then fill out tax forms. The down side is that you do have to take into account your own taxes at the year’s end, but if you are prepared it’s really not that bad.

The pay comes through direct deposit into your account weekly, and it always comes on Friday on time. This is by far the most success I have had with making steady money through an app. I would recommend it highly.

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