Neveo Mosser
The History of San Francisco Street Names

When Mosser Companies first set down roots in San Francisco, it did so with the intent of bringing affordable and comfortable housing to the city’s residents. Neveo Mosser , the company’s current CEO, has dedicated his career to furthering that mission by ensuring that residents in nearly every corner of the city can find high-quality housing under the Mosser name.

“I’ve spent the whole of my life in San Francisco,” Mosser explains, “I’ve explored every neighborhood; I’ve learned their quirks and qualities. I feel at home here, and I want to make sure that my tenants can enjoy living in the city as much as I do.”

Below, those of us at Mosser Companies provide a quick overview of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods. If you’re planning a move, check out the links to see the properties Mosser Companies has available!

San Francisco

If you haven’t visited the Civic Center, you’re missing out on the San Francisco experience. This beautiful and historic neighborhood stands at the heart of the city. Residential streets spoke outward from the City Hall complex: a massive Beaux-Arts hub that encompasses the Asian Art Museum, the War Memorial Opera House, an expansive plaza and, of course, the Hall itself. It’s a must-visit venue for plays, concerts, and cultural offerings.

Cow Hollow strikes the perfect balance between upscale chic and hipster quirkiness. The neighborhood offers some of the best food and shopping options in the area — with the bonus of being relatively unknown to tourists. Cow Hollow is more than a neighborhood; it’s a community that provides its resident with incredible views, historic architecture, and plenty of opportunities for community engagement.

Giants live in Mid-Market and SOMA — or at least, those of the tech variety do. The headquarters for nationally-renowned companies such as Uber, Dolby, and Twitter stand within a few blocks from each other. The neighborhood itself sports soaring modern architecture and breathtaking towers. Entertainment options include production as the Strand and Orpheum Theatre, concerts at the Warfield, and nights out at clubs like Mr. Smith’s and OMG. It’s an eclectic and thrilling place. There’s certainly never a dull moment in Mid-Market!

North Beach is known for its deep Italian roots and cultural pizzaz. Though the neighborhood only stretches for a few blocks, it boasts countless cabarets, jazz clubs, galleries, trattorias, and gelato parlors. North Beach may not be as exciting an area as Mid-Market, but it exudes a homey, welcoming charm. It’s a fantastic place to eat, play, and live.

Alamo Square is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in San Francisco and home to the city’s famous Post Card Row. As the name implies, the region is snapshot-beautiful, offering lovely views of both the neighborhood’s classic, Victorian-styled “Painted Ladies” and the city skyline.

This architecturally-stunning neighborhood encompasses notable residences such as the Hass Lilienthal House, a historic Queen Anne Victorian, and the Spreckels Mansion. Pacific Heights’ high inclines provide visitors and residents alike with breathtaking views of the city, and further hosts a collection of high-end fashion boutiques and charming cafes along Fillmore Street. Local tip: if you’re planning on sightseeing, try the view at the Lyon Street Stairs or Alta Plaza!

Castro might be known as the go-to neighborhood for LGBTQ culture and flair, but Polk Gulch was the community’s first hub. Polk Gulch is home to San Francisco’s oldest operating gay bar and still maintains its character as a welcoming, quiet home for members of the LGBTQ community.

The Tenderloin is a neighborhood with a character of all its own, one that balances upscale charm and quirky street style. The Tenderloin is well-known for its love of the arts; it hosts several historic theatres that run Broadway and indie productions alike, and further maintains classic concert venues such as the Great American Music hall. The neighborhood is also home to Little Saigon, and thus offers a wide variety of fantastic Vietnamese restaurants.

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