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How Bitcoin in Will Become the Most Legendary Investment

You know as I write this article and think back over my Bitcoin journey, I’m amazed at how many other companies, people, and investment specialists have been so very sure that either Bitcoin would fail, or that they could build a better blockchain, or come up with something far superior and the current blockchain that backs it up. Or thats what they said publicly, yet companies as diverse as Google and Facebook have tried and looked into it and yet, despite all their best efforts and massive amounts of money and the brightest minds in the country working for them, they seemed to have failed. Venezuela has tried to integrate their own cryptocurrency into the mix and it is starting to fall apart already, their Petro or Petromoneda , is not being adapted, but Bitcoin is still, and just recently President Maduro in his annual address to the country no less, vowed to revive the Petro coin, it just came out in August 2018, and already he’s selling oil and gold in an attempt to keep it afloat. Bitcoin in Venezuela just keeps doing it’s thing, which is that it’s proving that it’s always been the best option, that it’s not only The King now, but it was born the King.

If you look at the rise of Bitcoin against overwhelming odds, and against so many naysayers that they could fill 100 football stadiums with them. But I remember early on, when no one really knew what I was talking about then, they thought it was ridiculous, what they knew was the plastic in their wallets and the money in their banks, the didn’t have the vision or courage to imagine the next big thing, the breadcrumbs that lead to a monetary system of unapparelled value. “I can’t see it, I can’t hold it” were the two biggest complaints I heard at this time, I used to (in a kind of smart ass way:) say to them, “Do you have a $20 bill in your pocket? You know that silly paper money you place such value on? You do, good, I have a bet for you, since your money is supposed to be backed up by Gold (The Gold standard), I’ll give you $500 if you just walk into your bank and ask to exchange your precious $20 bill for $20 in gold? If its backed up, the should have no problem giving you whats rightfully your, $20 in gold. Of course no one succeeded in this little experiment, although many though they would, I didn’t collect the $500 from anyone, instead, with a group of 12 people around me, I explained how they could open up a Bitcoin account on their phone, and I’d immediatley send them $20 a piece for participating and listening to me, some of those involved in that little experiment are all in on Bitcoin now, that’s for sure, I just lit a spark of interest inside them.

When Bitcoin started to really get noticed and other companies began to build their blockchains, and everyone was looking for the next Bitcoin, most assuredly the King was not about to abdicate the Throne. The creation of a multitude of exchanges, in particularly Binance, created a brand new trading market place and. And there was money to be made, big money, but then these companies, or 90 % of them failed. If the marketplace was the rivers and streams running away from Bitcoin, Bitcoin was the whole damn Ocean renewable ocean, with companies promising Blockchain 2.0 or 3.0 in their very special “ecosystem” and their dual blockchains. And the ICO’s( intial coin offerings) were an excited mess, often selling out their available coins in less than 20 minutes.. and yet these companies languish now, I must admit I was caught up in that ICO fever until I noticed that it was very easy to create a website for a coins offering, with some of them using the same $30 graphics program that their competitors were using. I pulled back and put my money into Bitcoin exclusively. If Bitcoin and its blockchain aren’t anything special, why does it still sit on the throne. As I said before Bitcoin is the ocean that all other projects flow from. Recently John MacAfee of computer security software fame. vowed to , well, chop off his manhood if by December 2020 Bitcoin didn’t hit $1,000,000 per coin by then. and now as time marches closer to that point for him, he of course not only says that it was all a joke, but this most rabid of Bitcoin fans decided, one of the loudest cheerleaders of Bitcoin in the last two years, now says HE’s introducing his own cryptocurrency, The MacAfee freedom coin in the fall of 2020, what a joke, because now he’s deriding Bitcoin as some old tech but he, out of nowhere, has the answers to make a better bitcoin/blockchain, What irks me about that a little is that he profited from Bitcoin, and some of my business associates would say to me ‘ You think you know better than John MacAfee ! No. I didn’t say I knew better than him, I just kew then what I know now, he’s wrong, he needs some therapy, he’s a sideshow to the main event. God bless him as a fellow human being but alot of people I know followed him, believed in him, now some are jumping off the aircraft Carrier that is Bitcoin, into the deflating , leaking project he created. Hes playing games with real people’s hard earned money. and then there is BSV,which is being touted by none other than the Australian Programmer Craig Steven Wright, who claims to be the main part of the team that created BTC, and that he is the , and identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Even those these claims are widely regarded as a hoax, and yet he stands to make billions if his BTC keys prove him to be at least close to the genesis block, but why then, if he stands to make billions, is he in court fighting the brother (Ira Kleinman) of his former business partner and friend David Kleiman, who seeks half of Wrights assets and intellectual property. The fact that the judge in that case found Wrights testimony to be contradictory to his own earlier words, and not only that, he also claims that theres a third party courier that will deliver the keys, The Judge said that , and these are his exact words…

““[Wright] was evasive, refused to give and interpret words in their very basic meanings, was combative and became defensive when confronted with previous inconsistencies” Now despite all this late in the game theatrics, the main reason I’m mentioning Craig Wright is that he has said there a fatal flaw in Bitcoin that’s not known about but he will reveal sometime next year. ( because as the supposed real Satoshi, he would know, so why doesn’t he tell everyone now?)

WTF !!! I’ll tell you why, because he’s now backing BSV as the real bitcoin, and this type of pump on dishonest information is the worst type of manipulation of real investors money that’s been seen so far this year, because if he’s the real Satoshi, and BTC has a flaw in it(which would be his fault, right !?) Nope, he’s out telling anyone that will listen that he’s the real Satoshi, and that he will make BSV the new standard(and bitcoin will be worthless, what a joke) Again, I know it’s heat in Australia but this is stupid ! For a smart guy, you sure are acting like an petulant child or just basically a very annoying adult. And after saying that, if BSV shoots up because of Craig Wrights theatrics, I will buy on the pump and then take my profits and put it back were they belong, In the coffers of the King, whose kind enough to let us all hold our own Money. This is the year of BITCOIN, and you can tell by the lunatic fringe building on the sidelines. Long live the KING, 11 years and still untouchable, and about to change some smart investors lives forever, the enemies at the gate are knocking on the wrong castle door, Bitcoin is not only unstoppable, but unreachable, unhackable , unbreakable, invincible, and its OURS !!! The people control it, well, hell yeah, and everyone said LONG LIVE THE KING. and among the challengers, a sad footnote in greed that will soon fade from history as Bitcoin, in this decade, will change the worlds view of global financial services, and whether the Banks or Stock market or Gold traders like it, they will HAVE to open the door when BTC finally comes knocking. As always thank you for your time and God bless you and your family with prosperity and health, and once more, with feeling , Long Live The King !!! This is going to be a hell of a ride and lots of fun, it already is:)

John Walter Raney 1st

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