Rose Kirby
How To Deal With The Dreaded “T” Word As An

I have an amazing assistant, don’t get me wrong.

But paying her invoice annoyed me last month, so I messaged her…

“When are you going to increase your rates??!”

The truth is, when you see the immense value in yourself, you see it in others, too.

Which means paying someone below the amount you think they’re worth becomes annoying.

When we strip money right back to the basics, it’s simply a material to exchange our ENERGY

Before we had money, we’d trade goats for clothes and camels for pottery.

Each person would put ENERGY into rearing those goats or sewing those clothes.

So everyone was creating something, but we couldn’t continue trading camels for food!

So money was created.

Money represents the energy someone has put into something AND the energy someone will be able to get back out of it

I value my assistant’s energy, her skill, her reliability, her speed and most importantly, I value her as a person.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt recently is when we value ourselves and our energy, we naturally attract the financial energy we desire.

In other words, we become an energetic match to money by aligning our identity, beliefs, thoughts and actions with that of someone who has the financial resources we desire.

This may sound totally woo and weird ….but do you think the wealthiest women on the planet identifies as not worthy?

If you’re looking to grow your business income this year. Start by valuing yourself, your energy and your time as your most important asset.

Because it is.

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