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Day Hard Challenge by Andy Frisella

Firstly, Hello everyone and welcome to the new blog on my new page,

This year i hope to keep up with blog and post a minimum of twice a week, these posts will be based around building my business, helping other build their business and also building more on my personal life such as my health and fitness goals.

Just a little intel on myself, My name is Oliver Wilshaw, i am 22 and from Staffordshire, i am a trained electrician and trained accountant although i never followed these journeys through. i have started and invested in businesses since the age of 18 and in just 4 years i have built quite the name for myself, i am currently starting to build my online presence more to hopefully empower more people and to open up more opportunity for myself.

Over the past couple of years of building businesses 24/7 I haven’t really spent anytime on my self and i also broke my ankle not so long ago, the result of this is that i stopped the gym and gained around 3 stone, my main task this year is too regain my fitness and regain my 6 pack while implementing a healthy balanced diet with little to 0 alcohol.

I am sure a lot of you have felt the way i am probably feeling at this moment in time, i am trying my hardest to work on my future but forgotten how health helps in a way you don’t really understand until you get to a certain point, i have lost a lot of self confidence and a lot of motivation since gaining weight and i have this year been asked to stand on stand and share my journey to over 2000 people and there is 0% chance i will be doing this in my current state as i just simply can not even look at my self in the mirror anymore.

So, this is where it starts.

The #75hard challenge/life change put together by Andy Frisella, an American entrepreneur who i have been following very closely the past couple of years.

This is what #75hard looks like.

Some people look at this and laugh due to thinking it will be a walk in the park, but let me tell you that it defiantly isn’t.

Todays marks my first day and thankfully i have ticked it off, 1 gallon of water is a lot more than it sounds haha and I also nearly forgot about the progress pic but thankfully i right it down in my diary daily and tick off the points as I go.

I i have had 3 decent healthy meals, breakfast dinner and tea, I have been the gym and done a 45 minute arm workout and i have also been on fast paced walk for 45 minutes which i will slowly build up to running, and I have started a new book by Russell Brunson called Dotcom Secrets, which is a great book for learning marketing especially online.

I hope to follow my journey and it inspires you to start yourself, there will also be a podcast to follow on my this which you can find on most platform under Oliver Wilshaw.

If you have a minute go and check out my latest start up called Courseeo at www.Courseeo.com and website enabling people to easy build on line courses and earn an extra income online and where people can go and hopefully find any content they need to build on there knowledge or skills.

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