hologram Alfred
Hologram AI takes digital assisting to the next level

Have you ever wanted to be Batman? Crazies & Co. has an invention for you: a hologram AI named Alfred.

Okay, it might not be the Batmobile, but this AI is pretty darn cool. With the right connections, it can do everything we expect from our faceless digital assistants – answer questions, turn on other devices, manage your schedule – and the cherry on top is that it has a holographic form. The default appearance is an adorable robot, but the creators offer users the option to use other imagery instead.

With a bit of tinkering, you could have Batman as your own personal hologram butler.

Now, at first glance, this might seem like a bit of a gimmick. Sure, it’s neat to see a little floating hologram, but are visuals really necessary for a digital assistant? Depending on the situation, the answer might very well be yes.

At its most basic, a fun hologram might provide the perfect introduction to STEM for children. After all, inputting a beloved character into tech could prompt curiosity and interest. Not to mention, because Alfred can be programmed to say specific phrases, you might literally be able to prompt your child to study or explore.

On a broader scale, a hologram AI might provide vital aid to children with autism. Though many autistic children struggle to connect with other people, experiments have shown that some respond well to interactions with robots. A hologram could provide similar predictable responses and visual cues without the bulkiness of an actual bot.

Of course, holograms can be equally useful for adults. Think of how much easier it could be to communicate with our digital assistants when we can wave at them or simply make eye contact. As AIs grow, the hologram might also provide companionship to those in need, like individuals in nursing homes.

Honestly, we’ve just scratched the surface of what hologram AI will be capable of accomplishing. It’s possible that we will see more of this work in the future, far beyond a cute robot hovering on your end table. For now, though, you can enjoy the adorable Alfred – the sidekick to your superhero.

Video intro to Alfred, take a peek:

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