« Poor people are always nice » - Vida T.
« Poor people are always nice » Vida T

We have turned poverty into some kind of great human value. Not everyone wants to be rich I get it, but to assume that because you are poor THEN you are good person is simplistic & narrow-minded. Those “Good souls” usually dislike rich people until they are rich themselves and that’s when their true selves really show up.

We need to understand there are Rich nice people as well as poor wicked humans and vice versa. Being poor is not a virtue the same way being rich is not a flaw. The number of zeros on your bank account doesn’t define your heart. It’s you personality that will guide you choices regarding money.

In fact, the most generous people I know are all rich. Not because they can afford to share but because they genuinely have a good heart.

I know a very smart girl who is constantly criticizing wealthy people, but she would like to start her own company. I can feel that the prospect of her being an entrepreneur and having « real money » frightens her because she won’t be on the « nice part of the population » anymore. It will mean « exploiting » others for her own profit, for a Saint like her, it’s inadmissible. Well, I think it’s dumb!

But it’s a common disease. People have created for themselves this kind of dilemma for no reason.

If you have a conflicted relationship with money, you’ll never succeed in your life. Money is just a tool you can use for anything that matters to you, remember that.

Besides, you will be of a better service to society if when hopping from plane to plane, you could stop by somewhere to help an entire village with some vaccinations for kids. Something your poor ass will never be able to do.

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