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Rentec Direct has partnered with The Closing Docs, an automated income verification company, to expedite and enhance the tenant screening process for landlords and property managers. By incorporating this solution from The Closing Docs, Rentec Direct users can now easily order automated income verification reports during the tenant screening process.

“As a landlord myself, I understand the importance of carefully screening tenants and using a variety of information to make an informed decision,” said Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct. “Traditional methods of verifying income can be slow, error-prone, and cost you a lot of time. With automated income verification, landlords can quickly generate an easy-to-read report to help streamline the tenant screening process.”

“Instead of asking property managers to interpret disparate data or chase down applicants for info, a couple clicks in the Rentec Direct workflow provide instant access to better information,” said Mark Fiebig, Founder of The Closing Docs. “We’re thrilled to support the best in the business. Together, we’re shortening marketing time and reducing risk.“

Rentec Direct users can now include automated income verification when ordering tenant screening reports that illustrate applicant credit, criminal and eviction history. The automated income verification report provides a quick and easy way for landlords to see actual net income, with data drawn directly from the applicant’s primary bank account – the most reliable source for learning someone’s capacity to pay rent going forward.

Applicants use their computer or mobile device to securely log in to a bank account, and The Closing Docs then automatically generates a report summarizing deposits, identifying employers, and showing monthly and annual net income figures. Applicants can review the report for accuracy and add explanatory statements if desired, but cannot change the contents of the report. The completed report is then instantly available for property managers to review.

Rentec Direct chose to partner with The Closing Docs to implement this new feature so landlords are positioned to make the best-supported tenant approval decisions possible. With this release, Rentec Direct now provides the most comprehensive tenant screening package in the market for property managers and landlords.

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