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Why I didn’t choose HLP Galleria Mohali for commercial property

In my last blog I explained about why I chose Social Square Zirakpur for my own real estate investment in commercial segment. To generate a good passive income that can make money for me while I am sleeping or may be while I am enjoying the world.

As promised I am going to explain HLP Galleria in Mohali for commercial property investments.

Here it goes…

HLP Galleria Mohali is a project that has the best location possible!

And guys when you have to start a business what matters the most?


Yes, to buy commercial property you must go with the best location for property investment.

Galleria is located at the most amazing location possible in the Tri-city.

Before visiting the HLP Galleria Mohali I used to think that the whole Tri-city is developed and there is no place for any new commercial place that can be a combination of our old commercial plaza like sector 17 and the shopping mall like i.e. Elante. I never thought somebody can come up with this beautiful idea of making a fusion of both having a commercial plaza and shopping mall both at the same place.

I would recommend this to all the business people who are looking to give a great exposure to their businesses.

Imagine having a customer base coming from Mohali & Chandigarh both.

Let us understand it this way:

What options do Mohali people have for having a fun time, shopping, working & relaxing

Phase 7 Martket — This is the only closest option they have. In this market people can definitely buy the things of their daily needs but for having party or for the shopping, one definitely have to look farther. They will either go to Elante or North Country Mall.

North Country Mall — It is undoubtedly very good commercial place, to have fun, shopping, working & relaxing, but it is very far off and people of Mohali need something nearby.

Here comes the HLP Galleria it is located right in the middle of Mohali, Phase 8, Sector 62 Near Cosmo Hospital.

This also falls nearer to the people living in surrounding Chandigarh area.

If we see for Chandigarh people, the nearest fun place is either sector 17 that is of-course far off from these sectors of Chandigarh. It is at least 20 Kms. Or there is Elante Mall which is again very far off, more than 25 kms.

The HLP Galleria will be hub for these surrounding areas for shopping, partying, multiplex, having fun to hang around or experiencing the fusion of remarkable idea of having shopping complex & shopping Mall.

Galleria is not only offering retail outlets but also the office spaces, virtual spaces etc.

The commercial places are going to have low running cost which can help immensely for the small and medium size business owners.

I am sure this place is going to be the huge buzz in the coming decade. Coming decade is going to be the era of commercial investments.

And probably it’s the first and last chance to invest in the best location for business.

Real estate investing must be planned in such a way that it keeps giving you regular income without any worry. Commercial property Investment like HLP Galleria never comes every day. It bears the long term fruit.

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