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My Life — The Unusual Internet Success Story Shubh

Hey there 🙂

Shubh here again.I am extremely Happy to See you again.

Today I thought I should Introduce myself and get to know you more using my origin story and talk a bit about where I started and how I landed in this space in my life.

I would like to know more about your life as well so why not tell me a bit about what is going on in your life and what is your story too.

Well, I will go first.Let me tell you a little bit about my backstory.

A lot of you’ll already know I am partially retired at 25 and still run businesses on autopilot and spend most of my time travelling the world, staying at backpackers hostels and meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

But it was not always the same.I would say my life was far from this kind of time and monetary Freedom.

I was a born musician and always loved playing drums, being close to melodies and watching people create music out of thin air.

When I was growing up, I used to play drums in school, used to play cricket, go to school and that was my life life pretty much,

till I was 10 or 11 years old, when I noticed we had home loans and car loans and would see bank officials knocking our doors for instalments and how tough life used to get after paying them the dues.

I used to love watching these movies where the protagonist used to be super rich, had all the luxuries in the world and never had to worry about money.

I wanted that kind of freedom from debts at the age of 11 to 12 for my parents and wanted them to stop working so hard for me and my brother and enjoy life to the fullest.

When I was 13, I decided I want to make money and I will find a Way to do so.

Making Money wasn’t the goal Exactly.I wanted to Become a Millionaire.And I was all set for becoming one.

The Only reason behind that Goal at such a young age of 13 was nothing but Love.Love for my parents and not being able to see them struggle every single month.

I wanted to present my parents with the gift of Financial freedom.The Freedom to live life on their own terms.I was never denied a big celebration, new clothes, and a nice cake for my birthday every year.

Me and My brother were treated with all the things we desired at that point of time when my parents were struggling to make the ends meet.I could not see them feeling devastated and so stressed every time there were bills to pay.

This is when I discovered the Internet.I still remember going to the little internet cafes where they charged 30 cents to surf the internet for an hour as people didn’t had internet connections at their home.Heck not even computers.This is when I was 13 in 2007.

I remember one day I went to the internet which was pretty new for me even at that time, and I went to google and typed,

“How to make money online”.

That is where it all started.I never imagined that A simple google search was going to change my entire life in the coming years.

This endless search kept on going for weeks, months and even years till we got our own internet connection at home and my speed quadrupled.

I was still very young and I was looking for easy ways until I found the warrior forum.That was where people were talking about Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, selling stuff online, Information products, Digital products etc.

A whole new cosmos of information opened for me and I was amazed to the core.

I would buy CD’s from the internet at that time where I got a bundle of ebooks and video courses, hundreds of them for $5–10 or something at that time.I thought I have got all the secrets to make money.

Guess What ? I did nothing with it but kept it in my collection as a trophy.

Slowly Slowly I started growing up and taking things seriously while telling my parents I am working on this internet thing, and we are going to become Rich soon.

They thought I am out of my mind and maybe they were right.Because we did not had any Business background or a Abundance Mindset.Which is why I wasn’t taking action and of course not getting any results.

I was struggling pretty bad.Either the stuff I was taking action on was not working, or the one that worked, I did not take any action on it because of procrastination.

Most of the time the technical difficulties came in the way.We had no credit cards, PayPal would not operate smoothly in India, account were getting banned for no reason and what not.I was getting the knowledge but I was stuck.I just couldn’t take action on it.

Then One day something happened that changed my life completely.I got my hands on “The Secret”.Yes the movie that became the gateway for tons of people to get into personal development.

I loved the movie but what caught my attention was BOB PROCTOR.That man grabbed my attention and I would never forget the exact words that sucked my attention like a black hole.

Bob said, “You tell me what you want, and I will show you how to get that”

thats it.

That sentence might seem like nothing but it gave me something which I needed the most at that time because people were laughing at me, friends were making fun of me for my idea of becoming a millionaire, my parents were getting worried about me not paying attention to academics.

That one little sentence of Bob proctor gave me HOPE.

It made me feel god damnit, there is one guy who promised me to show me how to achieve whatever I desire.And thats how I got my first mentor.

It was like I Founded the Missing key.The Realisation that I am having a Poverty consciousness and I need to build an Abundance Mindset changed my life like night and day.

I went on to watch every material bob has put out, watch all the courses, all his videos and read all the books he suggested.”Think and Grow Rich” being the first one.”Rich dad Poor dad” being another major eye opener for me.

I was 15–16 till now and I have started consuming Mindset material that helped me grow mentally before I could see the results in reality.

Through Bob Proctor, I got to know other amazing Life coaches like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and the list goes on and on.

These people took a Little boy from India who have never even seen $5000 in cash before and turned him into someone who BELIEVED that he is going to make a Million bucks.And If you missed my point, I am that little boy 🙂

Suddenly I started planning things, I carried goal cards and had a blueprint for businesses that I am going to start.I was 16 at that time I guess.

I started with selling CD’s full of ebooks using Newspaper ads which used to cost a Buck for the classified section, get up early in the morning, pick up calls and try to sell people CD’s which have the ebooks and video courses that can help them educate themselves on Internet marketing.

Imagine a 16 years old kid doing that.Trying to close people on phone.And I kid you not I got a few sales and made $15–20 doing that.I know thats a laughable amount, but for a 16 years old kid in India in 2010–11, it was a massive victory.

I escalated to Product launches and tried to sell products on forums and thats when I got my first big success as I sold around $500–600 worth of ebook course on Offline Advertising using newspaper and stuff for local businesses.

That changed my life.Since then I started working on project after project and kept growing till the time I realised, I wasn’t really making any life altering income.

I had a conflict with myself when I saw my bank account wasn’t holding anything close to a million dollars.

That is when I started rethinking the entire game.I wrote down all the things I was being shy and not doing like recording videos with my real voice, or launching Video courses, or throwing myself out in the open for the market to see.

I jotted down all the things I was not doing because I was too shy and not confident enough to go out of my comfort zone, and then I did exactly those things.

I created my video courses, used to upload them to and thats when I made the biggest amount of money which was around $10,000 which was a huge deal for me.

I still couldn’t forget the level of happiness when i went to my mom and told her about what just happened.I showed her my PayPal and she was stunned.I was studying out of my hometown and since then I never asked a penny from my parents.

I discovered solo travelling then and went to travel alone to Thailand after my graduation was completed and till then I spent all the money I made from skillshare.

But guess what ? I came back from Thailand with a fresh flow of energy and I knew I am going to not stop now because I found my Love for travelling.

I told myself, If you wanna travel wherever you want, meet new people, explore new cultures, then better take massive action on the knowledge you have gained throughout these past years.

I was 23 then.It was 2017.I came back from Thailand and I had $60 left to my name.It took me 10 freaking years to make $10,0000 to $15,000 in my entire 10 years career of Internet marketing.

But Once I found my Love for travelling, It took me just 3 months to turn $60 into A Hundred thousand dollars.

When I was very active on the warrior forum, there was a seller who was selling bitcoins at $2.5 for a thousand coins back in the days when people knew nothing about bitcoins and it was exchanged for call of duty rewards.

I laughed my ass off and refused his offer at that point of time.I always had that regret in my life.Guess what I did when I made the $100k from my coaching business after coming from Thailand ?

I invested more than half of it into Bitcoins and other alt coins.And in a few months at the end of 2017, the market spiked up like anything.Bitcoin went to $18,000+ a pop.Other alt coins 10Xed and some of them even 30Xed.

Suddenly I was swimming in the pool of money which was all brand new and I made it with 10 years of blood, sweat and tears.

People say you got lucky with crypto which is why you turned the $100k from your coaching business into A Million.But All I would say is I was prepared for the opportunity to show up.

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity they say.I was preparing for 10 full years and When the opportunity showed up, I was present there to welcome it with open arms.

I was able to fulfil my dream of making my parents financially free, becoming financially sound myself and my brother and finally leading a life of liberation.

When You can do what you love, every single day, and of course there are bad days still, but most of the time I am able to go attend my mentor’s events and travel the world and see a sense of peace on my loved ones faces.That is the most amazing feeling in the world and I thank the internet for giving me everything that I have today.

I still love Internet Marketing and would never stop doing it.I still love Personal development and will never stop learning.I just came back from Singapore from A Tony Robbins event and ready for another 5 events in 2020 just in the first half of 2020.I am Pumped and I hope my story would motivate you too.

I would love to know more about your life as well.So Do comment and let me know more about you.

With Love, Empathy and Genuine Concern

Shubh 🙂

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