The Next Generation of REO
The Next Generation of REO

Laudan Properties announced Monday that it will be closing its property preservation business, effective January 20, and shifting its focus onto its property inspection division, Laudan Inspection Services (LIS). Laudan initially divided its property preservation sector from its inspections business in September 2019, then announcing the formation of Laudan Inspection Services.

Brian Potasiewicz, SVP & General Manager of Laudan Properties and LIS, told DS News exclusively, “Laudan Inspection Services has seen considerable growth through 2019. We made the decision to focus on that growth through 2020 by stepping back from preservation and REO work. We’re excited about our new focus and looking forward to a lucrative future for Laudan Inspection Services.”

As Laudan now repositions itself for future growth, Donn Wodicka, LIS Field Director, said in a statement, “LIS continues to achieve great things as there is a strong interest for on-time, high-quality inspections. We are willing to develop customized inspection products to meet our customers’ specific needs and that sets us apart.”

Laudan Properties was originally founded in 2008, by entrepreneur Kevin Weidinger, starting as a single-state provider and then expanding to a national footprint over the intervening years. The company’s inspection services side offers bankruptcy inspections, borrower interviews, foreclosure & occupancy inspections, insurance loss inspections, natural disaster inspections, quality control inspections, rush service sale date inspections, and other services.

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