Sophia Sunwoo
Are You Addicted To The Wrong Money Mindset Sophia

Tino Renato

How many of your decisions are dictated by how much you do or don’t have in your bank account?

For the majority of you, I’m going to guess that most of your decisions ride on the status of your bank account.

Want to buy a new tool to improve your designs? Gotta check the account first.

Want to hire a coach? What’s my bank balance again?

We all have bills to pay and responsibilities we’re accountable for, but let me challenge your thinking a bit here.

If you always let your bank account take the steering wheel for all your decisions and dictate what you can and can’t do, what would your life look like?

Would you never make any big bets that could possibly push you into a new stratosphere for your business?

Would you stay within the comfort of the same pool of knowledge you’ve been swimming in in the last 3 years of your business?

Would you never get to experience the new people, places, and things you need to become the person who lives up to their full potential?

When your bank balance is your ultimate decisionmaker, you hit an inevitable ceiling that you can’t break past until you stop thinking about your bank balance altogether.

Rather than leading your decisionmaking with your bank account, the key to hacking a 6+ figure mindset is to lead with your desires and ambitions.

What do you want and how can you mold your money to your decisions rather than the other way around?

This is why so many entrepreneurs are obsessed with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and mastering their money mindset. Mastering this one mindset piece around money is the first step to changing everything about your growth trajectory.

When you’re able to master the sway and power that money has over you and mold it to your will instead, the possibilities of how far you can take yourself and your business are pretty limitless —

You’d be able to become a billionaire with just a $5,000 investment.

Or take $60,000 in savings and credit card debt to build a billion-dollar business.

When you make money your partner rather than your master, your growth becomes catalyzed by it.

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