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Top Must Reasons to invest in Quintana Roo Real Estate

A significant number of people from America, Canada and Europe visit to Mexico yearly and many do this during winter because to escape cold, the snow and the rain and to enjoy Mexico’s tropical weather. Many of them buy their dream second or retirement home in Quintana Roo real estate.

  • Conveys a Good Investment occasion- Quintana Roo real estate gives a perfect investment opportunity both for flipping and for permanent or vacation rental purposes. Land or construction can be very profitable depending on location and commercial or consumer market they focus in on. As the state of Quintana Roo continues to grow in population and economic value with an always increasing need for tourists and new inhabitants to find a place to buy or rent, go shopping or for entertainment, the long term profitability of investment seems very likely.
  • Affordable Prices- In Mexico and so as in Quintana Roo, you can still find very affordable properties for basically all types of households. Quality in terms of construction and location is often even cheaper than back home.
  • Governmentally reachable– Buying a Quintana Roo real estate is accessible from an administrative point of view. Generally foreigners buy through a so-called Fidecomiso (which is a trust not to be compared to the belief in Anglo-Saxon or continental European law) or by contacting a real estate agency in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Soon it is expected that foreigners can even buy directly within what are now still the so-called restricted zones which include all land within 100kms from an international border and it includes all beaches.

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