How Comfortable Are You with Stepping Out On Your Own?
How Comfortable Are You with Stepping Out On Your Own

It all truly boils down to mindset. Circumstances, resources, capabilities, they are all merely tools. It is our powerful mind that makes us or breaks us. Never forget that. It’s as easy to make up a story about our inadequacies as it is to craft an invincible persona that will carry us forward.

Sharpening our mindset also takes time. The following have helped me tremendously with this shift.

Looking within is powerful simply because by doing so on a consistent basis, we become less susceptible to falling prey to other people’s whims. When you realize how valuable and powerful you are as a human being, you will no longer accept other people’s opinions about what you or your work are worth. Breadcrumbs will no longer keep you satisfied.

Be practical in your impracticality. Sure, you’re not following the traditional path, but that doesn’t mean you should throw out the baby with the bathwater. Plan your projects, your finances, and write down your short-and-long-term goals. These will give you solid ground to stand on while you attempt to launch, and will provide the momentum to ensure you land in the right place.

Remember — it’s a game of years. Yes, years. You have so much time to build and grow. You have so much more to learn. Don’t screw yourself by building your dream on shaky grounds. There are steps you have to take that will teach you so much. This knowledge that you gain from this period of struggle will be indispensible for maintaining and expanding your success in the future.

As much as Ilove planning, there’s no substitute for action.

Often, we dwell on how to approach the next part, or even whether we’re going in the right direction at all. Sometimes, you just have to put on your fishing boots, and run through the mud as fast as you can. You might get soiled, stuck, or even run toward an empty swamp. But I bet your legs will be stronger and your mind less foggy.

You learn from action, and the faster you start walking, falling, and getting up, the quicker you’ll learn.

I cannot overestimate the impact that reading and watching YouTube videos have had on my way of thinking. My first encounter with this world of self-development and entrepreneurship started with watching a video of Marie Forleo back in 2016 after having what I think was some kind of anxiety episode. Since then, I have adopted a plethora of digital mentors who have taught me more about success and fulfillment than I ever learned in school.

Stop waiting for permission.

You will die waiting. Period.

No one will cheer for you to be the greatest version of yourself. Don’t doubt the fact that you have something special to share with the world beyond what you’re currently doing. If you’re reading these words, your certainly on the right track.

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