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Rewire Your Self Concept Of Money Alex Chung

If you want to skyrocket your income, the first thing you must do is rewire your brain and change what you think a lot of money is.

Everyone has a self-concept of how much income they are allowed to make which behaves very much like a mental prison.

You will never be able to make more or less than your self-concept of income.

If you believe you are a $50k/year earner, you will feel very uncomfortable if you ever surpassed $50k/year.

Your subconscious mind will sabotage you if you make anything more than $50k/year and you will engage in “scrambling behaviors” as Brian Tracy calls it.

Because you don’t believe you can earn more than $100k, you will feel guilty and compulsively spend the excess money or somehow find a way to bring your income back to the safe level of $50k.

Once you fly past that safe comfort zone, doubts and hesitations will enter your mind.

You will feel very uncomfortable and the only way to come back to normal would be to get rid of your new income.

However, if you were a $200k/year earner and you lost everything and are now making $0/year, you would also engage in “scrambling behaviors” to get you back to where you need to be.

You would work day and night, make endless phone calls and do whatever it took to get back to that level.

If you take an objective look at these two situations, you will realize nothing is different between these two people besides the mental self-concepts that they hold.

One person does not believe they deserve success and the other person expects success to come to them.

This difference is huge.

The first represents the fear of success that holds the majority of the population in a bondage of fear and poverty.

The second represents the mental tenacity and self-belief of a hustler to make it no matter what happens to them and what obstacles they face.

If you are on the first level, do not worry.

Self-beliefs and self-concepts can easily be influenced and changed.

If you make $50k/year but you want to make $500,000/year, you must start thinking and living like someone who make $500,000/year.

Whenever you do anything, ask yourself, would someone who made half a million a year do what I am doing right now?

If the answer is no, then stop doing it immediately.

Someone who makes $500k/year will live life completely differently than 99% of the population.

Find a mentor or a role model of success and emulate their lifestyle.

Another way to change your self-beliefs is to write positive affirmations and goals every day.

When you write your 10 goals daily, write them in positive terms, in the present tense with a definite deadline.

Example goals:

-I make $500k/year by December 22, 2022.

-I make $41,666.67/month by December 22, 2022.

-I make $1388.89/day by December 22, 2022.

When you write these affirmations, you imprint them deep into your subconscious mind.

This is the most powerful way to impact your subconscious mind and accelerate the speed in which you reach success.

The next step is to read these affirmations out loud.

If you are determined to make this happen by any means necessary, follow me to the next step.

Download some classical music that inspires you.

Then record your 10 affirmations on the tape slowly and create a 1 hour loop.

Download it to your phone and listen to it every night on repeat for the next 30 nights.

As you achieve certain goals, go back to the affirmations project and remove those goals and replace it with even loftier goals.

This will pretty much guarantee you will rewire your brain to achieve success.

If you wrote your affirmations every day, read them aloud, recorded them and visualized them, you would reach success that you cannot currently conceive.

I know this works because I have done this many times.

I have tons of notebooks from over the years with over 10 years of goals.

Every goal I set with a deadline has come true in my life.

The rest, I am working on day and night until I can add it to my list of accomplishments.

If you want success, you must be systematic in every way you can.

Every single area of performance can be influenced and controlled by your own mental fortitude and tenacity.

You will never reach goals that you do not officially “set” and you will not achieve success until you have trained your mind to expect that success.

If you feel guilty or uncomfortable with the level you are trying to reach, you cannot enter that level because your comfort zone will keep you trapped like a prisoner where you are.

Only until you expand your thinking will you be able to receive the gifts of success waiting for you.

Best regards,

Alex Chung

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