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A successful Agent is not the one who is filthy rich with bucks, but it’s he who the market will trust and rely on. Realty Career gives you the opportunity to portray yourself in the way you want it. It sets your hands free from all the pressures of working under someone. However, considering the fact that Real Estate Work is not that simple and needs an obstinate frame of mind to not give up.

Following are the 7 non-negotiable criteria for a Real Estate Agent to perform according to his capabilities.

Make Sure You Do What You Love

  • Before you even get into this, you need to understand and be aware of what you are signing up for. In the beginning, things won’t work the way you expected. I have seen many people quitting from midway just because of this silly reason, “Can’t Manage It/ Can’t Handle It”
  • Being Naive here will not benefit you in any way but instead will go against what you conceive/imagine. Although this profession will be Lucrative, the inevitable fact, that it will not be easy, remains as it is.
  • We all have seen in our social media news feeds and heard famous speeches of persuasive speakers about accomplishing just that thing in life which we want to do the most or love everything we do in our lives.
  • But somewhere in our hearts, we wonder what is this, “Do what you love” and “Love what you do”, why is everybody incorporating this part in their talks and things of that nature.

Do What You Are Good At And Not Always What People Expect

  • We all have heard this, “ If you try to do everything for everyone, you end up doing nothing for anyone.” Isn’t it true? You might have also heard this famous saying, “Jack of all trade but Master of None.” The best thing here is not to put your hands into things that don’t concern you. It goes hand in hand with “DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.”
  • Similar is the case with Real Estate Industries. The more you give the more people will expect out of you. That being said, it is not wrong to fulfil people’s expectations, but while people expect something and you not being able to deliver the desired outcome, you lose credibility.
  • To differentiate yourself in this competitive industry, you should be seen as a specialist in a specific area, and not seen as “Yet Another Agent.” Do all the learning you can before widening your field of scope. You should be so well versed in your subject/area that you should dominate the others in the same field of scope. That’s where you can stand a chance to win the table when clients have put their bets on you.
  • Suppose you list a property for your client, you will need to know:
  • Every one of the details regarding the property, the area, number of rooms, restroom, materials of flooring, ledge, the age of rooftop, furnace, garage, ongoing updates.
  • What are the interesting selling factors? The current cost trend, of the Buying/Selling/Renting-of-a-house, in the area.

Make A Point To Understand Your Client’s Requirement

  • A real estate sales representative resembles being a matchmaker for your clients. You have to match the property with the correct purchaser and seller. In this manner, it is essential to know and to discover the requirements of your clients.
  • Suppose you are helping a client in looking for a house, you should see if they will live in it or this will be an investment property. Remember, a property that your clients love to live in might not generally be a good investment decision and the other way around.
  • Some of your clients might not have a specific idea about what they want. Here is when you will have to step in and understand their requirements and help them out by asking them these simple questions:
  • Are you coming in with your entire family?
  • What is the headcount in the family?
  • How many bedrooms do you require?
  • Do you need a Restroom in every room?
  • How many Car Parkings you need?
  • Also ask them if they prefer a Grocery Store, School, etc round the corner.
  • Many agents don’t always listen to the full requirement of the clients but instead, listen so they could show off their knowledge in that area. Be the one who will try his best to understand the requirements of his client and deliver the best to them.

Try To Build A Good Network

  • You need to drum this into your head that you cannot do anything alone. You always need some help or support.
  • Networking is really a good practice. You get to learn tremendously different things from the people who share the same interest as you do. Exchange of thoughts, ideas and much more will really boost up your skill. Building a good network will help you get noticed by a wider audience. You can also get referred by your Network (Partner).
  • You can set up your Network with Builders, Swimmingpool Owners, Bankers, Other Agents, Home Owners, Architects and Designers and many more. This is one way of advertising yourself to the market.
  • Network yourself for the following reasons:
  • To Exchange Ideas
  • To Develop long-lasting Relationships
  • To Make yourself Noticeable in the Market
  • To Build Self-Confidence
  • To Build yourself a Library of Resources

Be True To Yourself and Your Clients. Be Transparent

  • Remember to fulfil your duty as a Human first and be clear in your mind as to what you want to achieve. Transparency has been the most important factor when it comes to Leadership. Act accordingly.
  • This is what John Hall has to say about Being Transparent. He has very well stated about how can an individual be classified as Transparent
  • This is your fiduciary duty to act in the well-being of your clients. On the off chance, if there is a problem with a property, you should make a point to tell them, so they know the exact scene. Some agents would attempt to hide/neglect the issue and expect that the clients would not notice it.
  • When it comes to Real Estate, this Facet of information will really create a big impact on the success of the Agent.
  • Following are some of the important points that Real Estate Agents should convey to their Clients:
  • Make it compulsory to list a price on Real Estate Ads
  • Publish Reserve Prices ahead of Auctions
  • Allow Public Oversight of bidder’s information
  • Compulsory and detailed Vendor disclosure

Treat Your Clients Well

  • Imagine your friend has thrown a thanksgiving gathering and you have invited. Now when you enter, you are welcomed and soon you find your friend treating you like a stranger. He will not respond to you and even if he does, the tone is unacceptable. All you will do is snarl at him, slam the door and leave from the thanksgiving gathering. Same is the case with some of the agents and their clients.
  • By just closing the deal, you will not get what you want. You have to strive to make your client love your brand. So why do you think it’s so important to treat your clients well? They will refer you to other clients as well, It will make them stay with you for a longer time or forever, Your bottom line is taken care of, They will give you true feedback on the way you work and how you can improve.
  • How can you do this?
  • Anticipate and understand their needs.
  • Don’t play the blame game at all.
  • Make sure you acknowledge every act of theirs.
  • Make them feel valued.
  • Don’t make them feel that they are yet another client for you.
  • Be real. Don’t fake it.

Try To Be Omni Present

  • OMNI WHAT ??? The Pun here is that Not only God, but you need to be Omnipresent too. Agreed to the fact that you cannot be present everywhere concurrently, but your client needs to contact you. You will then need to build a strategy wherein your client can reach out when they are in need of you.
  • A question comes like this, “How to do that or however can I be omnipresent?” The answer is pretty simple. All you need to do here is to create an online presence for the clients who need your help when you are not physically present. Use Social Media, use the Internet to make your clients feel you truly regard and honour their needs. Giving importance to their needs and requirements will also boost the Bottom Line of your business.
  • Why do you think it’s important to be present everywhere?
  • There are multiple reasons for you to do this. But, these are quite a few reasons you should really consider.
  • You will be the “Go-To” person for your clients
  • You will have a powerful and Authoritative Brand
  • It will add value to your Profile and Personality
  • You will get more Recognition and respect

Your Story Of Success Lies In Your Hands. Make The Best Out Of What You Have For The Best

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