How I got scammed for the third time. - Asiriuwa faith
How I got scammed for the third time Asiriuwa

It seems like a joke now that I think about it, feels like my head is spinning without no plans to stop. I ask this question over and over — “What was I searching for?”

It’s the third time now and I feel stupid to the point I feel the urge to disappear into the thin air.

It hurt so much cos I had to scrap the money from my family, which made it twice as hard. I started this year on a note that I was going to focus on my next step and save towards it. In the course of the new year mood, I joined Tinder, I honestly don’t know what I was looking for, but as an inquisitive girl that I’ve always been, I wanted to know what been on dating app feels like and just maybe meet some new friends.

God knows I was not actively searching for a relationship or even anything at all, what can I say I’m just a curious mf. On the process of exploring this app, I met some guys, sent my number to a few who were interested, stayed for a little while then deleted my tinder account.

As time went on, one of the guys I sent my number to sent a message to me on WhatsApp, he called himself Felix Amadi. I was surprised at first because i didn’t expect anyone to reach out to me, but I just went along with the conversation.

He told me that he stays in the UK, but coming to Nigeria for his sister’s wedding in PortHarcort and would love to come to Lagos to see me. I didn’t want to put any meaning to it, so I was just seeing how it goes, learned to not put hopes on anyone.

After a week, he asks for my cloth and shoe size that he wants to get gifts for me, I just flowed with it and within two days I got a message saying I should come to Abuja Airport to collect my parcel and I was shocked. To cut straight to the point, I called that it should be delivered to me in Lagos.

It was at this point it became crazy, the airport said they couldn’t release it until I pay a sum of 30k because there was contraband amongst the items and if I don’t pay they would take it to the authorities and they will investigate. I couldn’t think straight.

I called Felix and he begged me to pay them that the contraband was a few dollars and he can’t send money cos he has issues with his account. I felt scared and borrowed the 30k from my family which I sent to the officials.

After sending this money, the officials started asking for an extra 20k for a stamp so they won’t seize the items on the road during the delivery. At this point I was certain something was off, I called my mum and she said I should leave them and not send the money any longer, but the deed has been done as it was too late. I decided to do my research on the cargo company I was sending my money to called Air Freight and my fear came to life. It was all a scam!

I want to cry but when I try, I feel blank and I just want to get high. I can’t believe I fell for it, even though I had doubts, I just didn’t want to be in trouble that’s why I paid. I don’t know how to go about it, I’m just hurt I had to collect money from my family even when they’re tight.

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