Kara Masterson
How to Tell if Your Family Has Outgrown Your House

When you buy your first home, it is often a smaller house that is suitable for a single adult or a couple. However, as your family grows larger, you can outgrow the house. While the pioneers may have lived in a tiny home with numerous children, we expect to have plenty of space in a modern house. Here are some of the ways to determine if you have outgrown your home.

If your home has only one bathroom, then it can lead to huge problems for larger families. With each individual in a family having a different work or school schedule, it can make it difficult to prepare for the day. This can cause arguments between spouses or with children who need to use the bathroom at the same time. This is when you should consider moving to a house that has multiple bathrooms.

When children are little, they are okay about sharing a bedroom, but as they get older, they want to have their own space. This is especially true when you have one child who is much older than the other child is. If you have sons and daughters who are sharing a bedroom, then this can cause additional issues with privacy. You can make your children happier by buying a home that has additional bedrooms.

It is no fun to have a cluttered house, but if you don’t have any storage space, then a home can become a mess. A real estate agent can find you a home that has walk-in closets and additional cabinets for storing items in the kitchen or the bathrooms. You may organize your home very well, but will need to upgrade. If you bought a starter home when you were newly married and you have older children you may need more space. If it feels crowded no matter how much you clean it’s time to get a bigger home.

You will want to have an enjoyable living room where everyone can sit and relax while watching television or talking to friends. However, if your family has grown with additional children, then you may not have enough space for everyone to sit. Look for a house that has a huge living room or additional spaces, such as family rooms or playrooms so that there are plenty of seating areas for your guests.

Last, it is possible to outgrow a home’s tiny kitchen, especially when you have several children. You may only have enough space in the kitchen for a small refrigerator and a tiny stove, making it difficult to prepare meals each day.

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