Why cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are important aortac

Why cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are important ???

1- Wars and internal conflicts.
2- Military coups.
3- Devaluations.
4- Refugee raids.
5- Global financial crisis.

The five titles I write in turn trigger each other. In countries with a crisis, there are legitimate cases where citizens, Banks, opponents, journalists, etc.. should have and use #cryptocurrencies. (for example, Venezuelans, Iranians)

A currency that cannot be controlled by any #government, can easily be sent or shipped without international interference, can be protected more easily from physical money, and cannot be taken over. The wars, internal conflicts and military coups create hard fluctuations in the currencies of the Dollar, Euro, etc., regardless of where they occur.

Of course, the result of this fluctuation is not good for some countries and people.Because #economic #crises often lead to the onset of refugee flows. #Refugee raids carry factors such as hunger & poverty. It begins to surround the whole body, like an infectious disease. This disease affects the environment and initiates the #Financial #Crisis.

Here, the feeling of protecting people’s #capital and savings against crises, etc., comes into play. The good news is that this disease has been found to be vaccinated.!. #BITCOIN & #CryptoCurrency ..

There are 4 main topics where #bitcoin and #crypto values are advantageous against gold and currencies.

-Storage: A value of billions of dollars can be managed in the size of a USB stick on a smartphone or device? YES
-Transferability: It can be transported around the world quickly via electronic, satellite and radio networks.
-Severability: Ease of dividing into a digital and physical unit; eight decimal places enable micro operations?
-Programmability: smart contracts, trust minimized escrow, multiple signatures?

Besides these 4 main features, another feature still open to discussion is limited supply.In particular, limiting #BTC supply to 21 million creates price uncertainty, unlike gold and other commodities.

#Bitcoin and other #cryptocurrency had to take a precaution against fiat variability. A braking mechanism was necessary for individual and institutional investors to protect their #capital. Here, the braking mechanism is #stable #coins. Stable coins are only #cryptocurrency with stable value. In daily payments, they aim to solve the volatility problem of #cryptocurrency. They carry all the advantageous features of #Bitcoin and other #cryptocurrency. The future goals of stable coins are to be #digital #cash. The market they target is all currencies in the world. A fiat digital currency with a fixed price … These currencies will question the legitimacy of governments.

I think it is the right time to take precautions in these days when we witness bankrupt countries, #wars, #disasters caused by #climate #change, people suffering from poverty.

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