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So You Think You’re a Real Estate Investor What is

I hear this all the time.

People went to a seminar, learned what flipping houses is all about, gained just enough information to be dangerous, and then they get stuck.

They get stuck trying to get a deal! Or even worse, they get stuck once a deal falls in their lap.

This is important. You have to have a system.

It doesn’t have to be MY system… although I think it’s the best in the business, but… I don’t like to brag! Ok, yes I do 🙂

But you need a system.

Here it is in a nutshell.

You have to build a solid foundation for your business. What I mean is, you need to look professional, successful, and like you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’ll get passed over in favor of your competitors who took the time to set it up right.

You have to be scalable. If you don’t do this, you will have trouble doing more than a few deals a year. I have investors in my workshops all the time who are doing 10 to 20 deals a year, but they are killing themselves to do that. You need to be more efficient, and able to do more deals in less time.

October 13, 2019 – Peter Souhleris presenting Real Estate Accelerator Program student Donnie Settlemoir the 7 Figure Award at a recent QuickFlip Accelerator event in Orlando, FL.

You need to be automated. It’s 2020 for Heaven’s sake. Social media is 10 years old. If you’re not marketing on social, and planting your flag for all to see, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Technology makes your life so much easier. Run an ad or post something relevant and organic, that ad or post sends people to your killer landing page and marketing funnel where you have a chance (all automated) to build massive credibility, they WILLINGLY give you their information and ASK YOU to come make an offer on their home, you get that lead in your email inbox, and have your virtual assistant to the homework on the property and fill out the forms.

Your ‘system’ includes the exact formula you use to make sure you don’t over pay. And the forms you use. And the partners you keep in your pocket depending on the type of deal you want to do.

And you, like some super hero real estate investor just stroll in to save the day, create an amazing win/win and make a great profit providing a valuable service.

And all the while, you had no competition and no resistance.

This is a system! If you don’t have one, no wonder you’re struggling.

Get a system, mine or your own or something that makes your life easier and your bank account bigger.

It will make this whole real estate game way more fun!

Till next time!

— Peter

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