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The Anatomy of a Content Marketing Proposal Better

This next piece is to make it clear I have already thought through who is going to do what.

I include “available for calls/approvals” to the client’s responsibilities to protect myself in case a lack of availability contributes to missed deadlines.

In some cases, it can be hard to project this information. For example, some prospects already use an SEO firm or a social media agency, or have an employee already handling components of the package.

Putting this page in writing allows the prospective client to come back to me with any questions or suggestions as to the division of labor, and sometimes we adjust scope up or down accordingly.

Sometimes I do a “Roadmap Session” with clients, which is when I’m paid a small sum to do a diagnostic session with a prospective client.

I was turned on to this approach from Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing. I’m not doing the big software proposals the members of his community do, but I do find some entrepreneurs are happy to pay a small fee to have peace of mind and get a professional opinion on content strategy and what step to take next.

It also helps to discern whether I am the right fit for the prospect’s needs, or if a referral makes more sense.

When the client buys the roadmap session, I send over a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we have a real conversation about their business and their assets so that I can best suggest next steps for them.

I get paid for my time and they walk away with a plan. They then choose either to implement the plan themselves, hire us, or hire someone else.

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