Michael Rada
The Open letter to all Haters of Greta Thunberg

For many companies, the future means BUSINESS PLAN, for many people SCHEDULER or BUSINESS CALENDAR. For me, it has no borders, limits, lines, or brackets.

I have learned my lessons on the road to wasteless world

On the road, I build stone by stone, step by step.

The way I have learned in the past, from our predecessors who have been able to build building, bridges, and structures which stay in place for hundreds and thousands of years and some still rise a question HOW.

Every single day I cross a bridge over the railway station and almost daily I see images similar to the one I use in the header of my article. Cargo trains full of charcoal, wood trunks, waste, cars, or empty shipping containers.

The railway wagons remind me of a military march or parade. No matter that they celebrate the power and death, it must be big, nice and shiny.

The industries act the same

Nobody asks about consumption capacity, only the production capacity is what matters.

Just very few remember the name of FORD WHITMAN HARRIS but all remember the name of FORD MOTOR COMPANY. These two do not have anything common, except for the word FORD in their names. In fact, they represent two very opposite directions in industrial development.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY represents the speed and volumes delivered by production lines, the aim is to produce more and that’s all.

FORD WHITMAN HARRIS is engineer who introduced the ECONOMIC ORDER QUANTITY which uses abbreviation in the form of EOQ. Never heard of? Its a pity, for if applied in business and industrial environment, we will probably not face climate crisis and extinction rebellion.

The reason will be the absence of OVERPRODUCTION

Wikipedia defines this as

In inventory management, economic order quantity (EOQ) is the order quantity that minimizes the total holding costs and ordering costs. It is one of the oldest classical production scheduling models. The model was developed by Ford W. Harris in 1913, but R. H. Wilson, a consultant who applied it extensively, and K. Andler are given credit for their in-depth analysis”

For all of you who need math to understand the world, here it is

I am not the one who does understand it and I am not the one who can judge if it is right or wrong. What I do understand is that EOC disappears on the way throughout the time of industrial Revolutions.

I am fascinated to watch how often people who hunt for money, throw even bigger fortune on the ground and bury it under the carpet of their luxurious offices and buildings.

For almost 50 years I walk on our world. I did it and I do it step by step.

For seven years I do build the same the WASTELESS WORLD and to do that I need to rebuild the industries from wasteful to wasteless. I change the minds of people and mindsets of companies delivering a clear message which says


This is how INDUSTRY 5.0 and INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING are building and created, this is how the tools I use work.

Which way do you walk? In which world do you head?

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