HUD Touring the Nation, Speaking on Affordable Housing
HUD Touring the Nation Speaking on Affordable Housing

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Secretary Dr. Benjamin Carson announced Monday that the Department will lead a bus tour across the nation focused on removing barriers to affordable housing. 

The tour—Driving Affordable Housing Across America—will begin in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday, stopping in different communities for events and discussions on affordable housing. 

“In our efforts to alleviate the unnecessary regulatory barriers to housing construction and development, it’s important that we get out into local communities and hear directly from our fellow citizens who are grappling with rising housing prices and learn more about best practices to address them,” Carson said. “Families, businesses and all levels of government have concerns about the rising cost of housing, and this is an opportunity to bring those parties to the table for a discussion about how we can work together to fix the problem.”

HUD state the tour is part of Carson’s work as the Chair of the White Housing Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing. The Council’s eight-member agencies are engaging with governments at the local, state, and tribal level. 

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