Augustine O. Ojeh
Everybody gets a shot at being a millionaire Here’s how

The question of why people become rich and others remains so weak is lifelong. Many persons have been searching for an answer to this question for years, and a concrete response has not been discovered. I have asked this same question myself. People have asked me the same question since I started presenting myself to the public as a researcher with interest in understanding human beliefs and the theory of psychophysical parallelism.

Recently, I discovered that we have been asking the wrong question. Math scholars can attest that wrongly asked questions barely have answers. The right question to ask, instead, is, “how do millionaires get the chance to become so rich, in the first place, while others don’t?”

Fortunately, everybody did get a chance to be equally rich, but they never took it. Most — if not all — had multiple chances to become grounded in wealth. They either did not recognize that it was a life-time opportunity, or they did but ignored it for some reason best known to them.

“I became a millionaire overnight by signing a piece of paper. I made more money in that one second than my entire family did in their lifetime.” — Troy Polamalu

P.S: I’m not an economist or a finance expert but I hope you grab my point from a neutral point of view.

At one point or another, the world has offered its inhabitants opportunities to become who they want to be. In March 2010, $100 worth of Bitcoin would have turned anybody into a multimillionaire with a net worth of over 270 million dollars today. I would have been one if I took the chance when I heard about the new blockchain technology back then.

We all, at some point, have regrets for not purchasing Bitcoins when we had to. But let’s shake it off.

In the case of the Bitcoin, the entire internet-enabled world was offered a golden chance of becoming millionaires, and only a few recognized and a fewer number took it. This is not the only opportunity that the world has had.

We have experienced significant stock market crashes in history, and the best time to invest in the stock market would have been after those major crashes. Yet, only a few millionaires exist. These are several generic opportunities that were presented to humankind. On the side, there have been specific opportunities that were presented to each individual on Earth to leverage on. Some fail to recognize these opportunities while some fail to take them. Well, some took them and failed, and as many would say in self-consolation: “opportunities come, but once.”

That’s bullsh*t!

I’ve pondered over that familiar phrase for months until I realized that it was probably stated wrongly. I understood after several studies that we are presented with numerous opportunities, and each opportunity is unique. Upon this finding, I deduced that the actual statement is

“An opportunity comes once.”

The article “AN” has been missing all these while, and the statement has configured the mind of many to believe that they would never make it once their opportunity passed them. We have failed to realize that we are open to endless streams of opportunities, each uniquely designed to fit the moment. Hence, the popular saying: “when one door closes, another opens.”

Even after we passed through an open door, there are many doors in front. If opportunities come only once, have you wondered how the millionaires get more opportunities to get richer? Most times through other entirely different means — other doors.

Depending on your area of experience, opportunities are presented to you. By whom? I can’t tell. Let’s assume it’s something natural — it just occurs.

For farmers, for instance, there are times when the cost of products spike, and there’s an overwhelming influx of revenue. It happens to everyone. As a full-time freelancer, there are times when I earn far more than I had ever expected. Everybody gets that big bang at one point or the other, although the bangs are not always equal in volume. In most cases, this unique bang — high revenue — is a unique opportunity for you to invest in some passive income stream that could make you a self-made millionaire in due time. When this opportunity is lost, it most likely returns, but on a different facet. For farmers, it could be an excellent weather condition on a particular year, and for freelancers, it could be an opportunity to learn a new futuristic skill at no (or low) cost.

Every opportunity that comes your way is tailored specifically for you. Before you become a millionaire, opportunities are presented to you. After you become a millionaire, opportunities are also presented, but you only see it in a bigger way because, as it’s known, life is relative. All that is needed on your part is to take hold of these opportunities.

Most people fail to take on opportunities because they feel that they don’t have it figured out. Sadly, no one ever has it figured out. Opportunities, with the power of making you great, come as puzzles. They are like unsolved Rubik’s Cubes. You don’t know the individual steps required to solve them, but as you continue to move each part of the cube, they’d take an order. That’s how opportunities are.

You don’t have to recognize every bit of them before you take on them. Take on them and understand the details as the bigger tape unrolls.

All opportunities are yours as long as you spot them. Of course, we understand that some are baits that could cost you a fortune. Fishes bite baits and don’t get caught. Give it a try, and don’t forget to calculate your risks. From my instance earlier, risking $100 in 2010 wouldn’t have cost so much if Bitcoin had gone down the drain. Not all opportunities yield such a massive return in a decade, but whatever your chances turn out to be, it’s advised that you take calculated risks. If you don’t, you’d better have long nails. You don’t want to bite into your flesh.

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