Jeremy Turnbull
Why money is never the answer Jeremy Turnbull

Or why we cannot spend our way out of problems.

We cannot avoid the storm of life with money

I will start by saying I have been poor. Dirt poor. Until months ago I was donating plasma twice a week, and living on noodles with ketchup. Now I give 40+ hours of my best energy and time away every week to a company just not to freeze and starve. Nothing special, we all do it. But i have noticed that while I need money to live, I can never seem to have enough of it. This apparent need for more money has got me, and millions like me, grinding everyday trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, just to make a dollar more. But I have come to see that more money is never the solution.

This got me thinking; If the government, which literally prints all the money it needs whenever it pleases; if they cannot sort their bullshit out, why do I think I can do any better with my life. See I bet most of us think that if we were running the show down in Washington, things would be going just be a little bit better; but what about our own life, how are thing going there? Stick all our indecisions and moments of lazy weakness on prime time TV with critics and commentators poking and mocking everything, we would look just like the kind of clowns we see in Washington. If the government cannot make more money work, there is no way I or anyone else could.

It doesn’t matter how much we make, we always want more. We claim righteous reasons; just a bit more to pay off my debts or put something way for the future. BULLSHIT. No one in the history of every has had a enough money. No amount of money is enough to stop wanting more. Oh but you don’t know me you argue, I’m that saint who alone can resist the temptation of money. Ignore all the facts about how I live my life. No, you are not the sage you wish you could be. Own it, acknowledge that we are just one of the pack; the love of the money is the root of all evil, and we are part of club.

With easy access to credit, coupled with a multiple billion dollar industry designed to make us buy shit we don’t need or want, money has us by the neck. This is why I and most others spend and are spent trying to imitate lives we wouldn’t want to live. Most of the stuff of the world is shit. Be honest, we work and work and work, always buying, and then saving up to buy something even more expensive. Never escaping, never pulling free of the corrupting power of money. No one every says “You know what, I’m done buying stuff, I don’t need any more things.”

Love, time with a lost family member or the respect of our peers and family, a roll of quarters or an American Express Card , it doesn’t make a damn difference, the real shit you can’t buy. Despite what Instagram models and YouTubers pretend, there is no golden life that we are missing out on. You cannot get it all in life with money. Divorce, heartbreak, even getting stuck in traffic, it all happens to even the richest of people. The real trials of life cannot be avoid through wealth, they must be faced, and in doing what it means to be human shines through. Money is just bullshit that gets in the way. As the Beatles said “Can’t buy me love”.

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