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If you’re not happy with the way your finances are at the moment it may be time to tell yourself a new story

To keep it short here’s the essence of what you need to know in point form:

  • Somewhere between the ages of about 4 and 8 years old, you made up a story around money.
  • This usually has to do with the money habbits or stories our primary care givers (Mum & Dad) have.

If you just said ‘Oh sh*t!’ out loud, don’t worry, you’re not alone And there is something that can be done.

But you have decide that it is worth doing because it will require a change in your thoughts and a change in your behaviour, not a small task when you may be working against 30/40 or even 50+ years of thinking about money and your relationship with it in a certain way.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What goes around comes around, meaning what you give out you get back.

This is helpful to understand in 2 ways. The first if your always stressed, tense or strained around dealing with your money, that is what you will see reflected in life back at you. And the same goes for the opposite, if you are relaxed, giving and positive towards your finances and what they provide for you then that is what you will see reflected back at you.

2. Money is simply an exchange for what we value. Read that again.

You don’t want money for the ‘money’ itself, you want the money for what you think it will provide… more freedom to travel and do what you love.

‘People don’t want to be millionaires- they want to experience what they believe only millionaires can buy. Tim Ferris — The 4-hour work week.

One closer inspection you will undoubtably discover that you have a desire to feel a certain way and that’s why you want the money. Infact Simon Senek author of ‘Start with why’ tells that everything we do, every purchase or decision we make, we make for how we think it will make us feel.

What we don’t realise however is that the majority of the things we think and do in a day, are based on habits.

So based in the same thing we did yesterday. Unless we step out of the box and off the habitual treadmill to change them.

So, How do we do that?

3. By Changing the story.

There are a few ways to do this but I’ve chosen what I’ve found to be the most effective when applied and that is conscious action.

And here’s what I mean: I mean taking steps that will take you in the right direction or rather towards the change you want to be.Eventually the evidence will add up and your “new story” will be formed, and with it your new beliefs. SO, you say, if it’s that simple and this is true, then why isnt every body doing it?

4. Your beliefs will resist change. Why? Because they are trying to keep you safe. Believe it or not we still have our cavemen brains when sticking with tribe meant safety. This is not the case when you want to create a new reality for yourself. Well meaning people, even people you actually like in real life, will have, their fears, worries and stories they want to project on to you, in this case — remember that they are NOT YOURS.

The cavemen in us (and some misinformed but well meaning people) will try to convince you to ‘be safe’ and just do what everyone else is doing, believe what everyone is believing and think what everyone else is thinking… but you will know differently. You will know that it is possible to change your story and that’s exactly why you’re chosing to do things differently.

5. Start today and set a timer for 5 minutes and then go

  • Gratitude. If you are reading this it’s because you have access to the internet and a device to read it on AND you know how to read… so that simple action means you are in the top 10% of wealthy peole in the world. Yep, exactly. So gratitude for what you have is number one.
  • What do you what you want the money for. What is your version of freedom? What would you do if you have a million dollars? Take a piece of paper or your journal and jot down some ideas, don’t get stuck on this, don’t think you have to want what other people want, just let your millionaire creativity flow!
  • How do you want to feel? Look at your millionaire ideas and ask yourself, how you think having these things will make you feel? Write down all the feelings that you think you would feel by having these things.
  • 1 Action, now its time to take action. When looking at your piece of paper, what’s one action you can take to bring yourself closer towards this reality you desire? Take it.

If you only took one action every day for the next 30 days, where could you be next month?

Keep momentum going in the direction you want it to go.

Every thing will become clearer. If you haven’t read the 4-hour work week by Tim Ferris, I highly reccommend it for a different view on living a rich life versus wanting $1 000 000 in the bank.

Each time your caveman brain or some well-meaning stranger tries to talk you back to fear or your old reality, take one more action in the direction you want to go and watch your reality and your energy shift towards that positive change you’re making.

Comment below with your millionaires dreams 🙂

I’ve love to hear them!

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