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EasyRealtor is the only pay-per-lead service available to realtors across the country. With a dedicated team of account managers and the power of automation, we have simplified lead generation for countless realtors and brokers. We only charge $10 per lead and never charge for disconnected numbers.

Here is how it all works:
1. You fill out a little form that will give us a listing to promote.
2. We run ads on Facebook that target local buyers. Think of it as an online open house.
3. We collect lead data from our Facebook ads. Data includes names, emails, and phone numbers.
4. We text and email you the lead information in real time. At the same time, we send and email and a text message to the lead informing them that an agent will be in contact shortly.
5. You follow up with the lead and schedule a showing of the listing.

We pay for the ad-cost. You pay for the lead.

We only charge $10.00 per lead with weekly automatic billing.
We never charge you for disconnected numbers.
You decide how many leads you want.

No hidden fees, no retainer commitments, full control over your budget… Sounds like your life just got a whole lot easier.

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