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Smart Technology in a Beautifully Constructed Prefabricated Home

Affordable, luxurious, and intelligent.

Smart home technology has been effective in our world since 1966. Echo IV was developed, which allowed consumers to electronically control home’s temperatures and computer shopping lists. There are currently over 950 smart home companies on the market. You can find not only smart home technology for temperature controls and computer shopping lists, but for light bulbs, speakers, plugs, security cameras and even door bells. The smart home market is said to reach $40 billion dollars in the united States in 2020. One prefabricated smart home in particular on draws my attention.Not only because it is a prefabricated home, but because it is awesome in looks and its price is awesome as well. An awesome dream for a person of my salary of only $35,000, and only able to put down $4,000 down payment.

What’s Included:

  • Large Living Room
  • w/Dining Room
  • and Kitchen

Benefits of a Prefab Home

  • With a prefab home, the price per square footage is likely to be about $100 less than a site built home.
  • It can take just a week to assemble and to successfully move in (speedy move-in date)
  • Cheaper Permit Costs
  • More Environmental Friendly
  • Durability

What Makes This Prefab Home a Smart Home:

For now, you can comfortably enjoy these two smart home devices that are included with your purchase. As you wish, you can add smart home devices at will to go with your prefabricated home. The sky is the limit…

…consider the Nest Protect smoke detector, the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener and the Shark Ion R85 robot vacuum for your new Cliff — Premium Prefabricated Modular House.

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Ex. Question — What kind of plumbing does this prefab come equipped with?

Answer — Water supply and sanitary equipment, sewage
• Outlet for toilet ø-110.
• Drain for shower, Unidrain 900 in the floor + Outlet DN 75 PE/PP.
• Drain for bathroom floor, Unidrain 300 in the floor + Outlet DN 50 PE/PP
• Drain for sauna floor, Aco EasyFlow d50 + Outlet DN 50 PE/PP
• Outlet basin DN 50 PE/PP
• Outlet kitchen DN 75 PE/PP
• Outlet washing machine DN 50 PE/PP
• Hot Water boiler 150 l
• Water meters
• Water filters

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