An Exceptional Company Should Also Have Exceptional Leaders
An Exceptional Company Should Also Have Exceptional Leaders

Now, many of these companies may offer benefits such as unlimited PTO or at least two weeks’ vacation a year.

However, even though you have been given “unlimited PTO” you are never encouraged to take a vacation. Instead, it is held over your head as something that is the first thing taken away.

Are you hitting all of your goals? Are you one of the top performers? Do you actually deserve any time off?

If not, you will not be taking many, if any days off this year because you haven’t “earned” the time off in the eyes of your leaders.

Many of the big companies reaping in the dough constantly talk about how much revenue they are earning year over year while not compensating their employees fairly.

There seems to have been a shift in the last few years where companies have decided if they package together free snacks, creative transportation discounts, wellness perks, and mystery bonuses…. then they don’t have to pay competitive salaries.

I have talked to multiple employees in these situations that say they would give up all of these benefits for even a slight rise in their base salary.

Unfortunately, when there are young professionals trying to gain real-world experience and pay off their college loans there is literally zero incentive for them to pay experienced employees more even though they are more qualified.

The number one reason that people end up leaving their jobs is due to their managers and leadership teams.

“The cost of a bad manager is too high to tolerate. Not only will people quit much more often, but they’ll be much less productive before they do.” — Forbes

When leadership teams only care about their vision and the short-term goals they lose sight of the bigger picture.

This can result in them losing the trust of their employees, their customers, and at times even the very values that their companies were built upon.

Employees want to work at a place where they have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills along with their careers.

However… imagine this scenario.

A new and motivated employee starts at a big company. They believe that they are going to have a roadmap and direction from their direct supervisor.

Then…a year passes. They haven’t gotten their specific goals or proper training.

They have no idea where they can go within the company and when they ask for some direction their requests are overlooked or ignored.

Even if this is a top-performing employee they cannot find growth due to having any path in front of them. Inevitably they will look elsewhere for a better opportunity.

If a company actually takes note of employees’ feedback and listens to why they are leaving, they can take preventative measures to set the next round of hires for better success.

Most employees want to make a difference. They want to be part of a bigger picture and they want to work hard and feel like their work means something.

At the end of the day, a company should never take their employees for granted.

After all they are the ones running the ship. They are extremely valuable and should be treated as such, not just as cogs in a machine.

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