How to Make Money Online With No Skill or Experience
How to Make Money Online With No Skill or Experience

The internet has built many wonderful opportunities to earn money that didn’t exist just a generation ago. It’s made freelancing and remote working a real possibility for almost anyone, anywhere.

But there’s a rediculous misconception that one can earn money online regardless of their skills or experience? Wipe away your starry eyes, because it’s not a magic money tree.

Here are real titles from popular blogs posts and youtube videos:

  • How to Make Money Online Without Special Knowledge or Skills
  • 5 Ways to Make Money Online | No Skills | No Experience
  • 10 Stupidly Easy Ways to Make Money with No Skills
  • How to Earn Money Online Without Any Knowledge
  • The Best Work From Home Jobs That Take Little or No Experience

Wait, what?

The quick answer to every single one of them: you can’t, unless you’re talking about earning less than minimum wage doing $5 gigs or taking mindless surveys. Slogging through Upwork, Fiverr, or TaskRabbit is not a career, nor is it even a good side-hustle.

The web has made learning new skills easier, and it’s connected us a larger pool of potential customers to sell them to, but it hasn’t changed the equation. Making good money still requires providing good value. There’s no shortcut.

If you’re asking the question “how to make money online” you’re bound to fail because you’re looking at a business upside down. Here’s why…

Making money from a service business is a simple formula:

  1. Develope a valuable skill.
  2. Learn how to apply that skill to customer’s needs in a professional manner.
  3. Learn how to sell that skill to new customers.
  4. Trade your service for money.

Notice how that part about making money comes last. You don’t have any ability to earn it until you’ve satisfied points 1–3. If you chase the goal before building a bridge to it, you’re running a treadmill to nowhere.

So reframe that question: “How can I build and sell a valuable service?” Do that, and the money will follow. Skip it, and you’ll be stuck with the $5 low-skill scraps forever.

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