Scott Bradley Brixen
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Three of my sons and I on a hike, featuring the island of Komodo, Indonesia in the background

My name is Scott Brixen and for this blog, I’ve adopted the pseudonym “The Eclectic Economist.”

Though a bit grandiose for my liking, it is, in fact, true. I’m a University of Chicago-trained economist with twenty years of experience in global finance. I’ve chased helicopters near Chicago to deliver M&A pitchbooks, worked on massive Korean IPOs, and even toured coal mines in West Australia and energy drink factories in Thailand. That’s the “Economist” bit.

The “Eclectic” part reflects my interests — which are pretty much everything. I particularly love travel, languages, geography, history, wine, and sports that don’t involve mechanical assistance. My bathroom book is the New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge. I rotate between business books, African histories, and Shakespeare on Audible. Every morning I study Thai or Italian or Russian at my desk before starting work. I secretly think I might have beaten James Holzhauer at Jeopardy!

So what does all this faux-modest self-aggrandizement mean for you?

My sincere hope is that you look forward to reading The Eclectic Economist (or TEE) every Sunday because it delivers a custom blend [tea reference!] of relevant industry news, edifying articles, and entertaining anecdotes. While you’re outselling or showing properties, I’d love for you to weave the TEE into your conversations. You’ll look up-to-the-minute, knowledgeable, and perhaps charmingly batty.

My tagline is ‘The Eclectic Economist Finds Everything Interesting.’ Do you get the double meaning? Clever, right? By reading everything I can get my hands on, I hope to send the most intriguing and delightful stories to you.

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