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How much time do you spend to work? Is it 40 hours a week or even more than that? All time that we spend to work absolutely is intended to generate income, so that we can fulfill our life needs, and make savings or investments for the future. But on the other side, time that we spend to generate income is so much valuable. At the same time, even many people can earn much more income compared to what we earn so far. So how come that the same time can give different results? What about without spending that our valuable time, yet we can still generate income that we want? Either when we sleep, taking vacation, or even being hospitalized, the income can be still generated? This is absolutely possible if we are disciplined to apply the concept of compounded growth, where our investment returns is reinvested and so on-to generate a continuous income stream without limitation of time. This what can lead someone to magnificent financial success.

Jay Abraham, a marketing genius, explains that there are only three main strategies in generating income for the company, namely: to increase more units of sales, to increase the number of customers, or to increase the number of repeated buyings. With a simple modification, there are only three main strategies too for us to generate much more income, namely:

1. Premium Income: few sources of income but in huge amount.
So there are one or two sources of income but generate huge income. For example is a sales, who only sell 2 units of house in a year, but the commissions generated from the sale make him does not need to sell again for two years ahead or take another job, for his income amount is so huge.

2. Multiplier Income: many sources of income even though the amount is small.
Perhaps the income generated is not too much, but due to its many sources of income then it will accumulate to be huge. For example is people who sell burgers only for $ 1 but with plenty of outlets. The collected revenue from these outlets will generate much income in the end.

3. Limitless Income: various sources of income in huge amount with no limitation of time.
In 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, income generated in huge amount without limitation of time or geographical boundaries. For example is giant entrepreneur such as Virgin Group who has many sources of limitless income, among others: the patent of quality products, airlines industry, music recording companies, web-based business, network marketing, as well as various investments that continue to grow such as stocks and rental properties. This strategy is also the key to financial success for the founder of Facebook or even author of Harry Potter.

So, what’s your strategy to generate much more income? A premium, multiplier, or limitless one? With the right and most enjoyable strategy for us, we are all able to create financial success like Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, or J.K. Rowling. Be Limitless!

Jakarta, Mei 2012

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