Become Rich and Happy by Turning Your Passion Into an Answer to a Human Need
Become Rich and Happy by Turning Your Passion Into an

What is your passion? What is your dream? Where does your interest lie? If you don’t want your relationships to be forged based coincidence and gossip, you need to find your passion.

The best friends you are going to have are those who share the same passion as you do

We live in a world where people get to make decisions on what they will spend their lives doing when they are yet to experience real life. I think it is the worst part of the school system. Many get stuck in the wrong careers and keep playing catch up with their lives thanks to the debt system.

If you want to be rich and happy, you have to free yourself from the onset. This is why I loathe the idea of student loans. It is because students are already under pressure after school because of the debt and will jump into anything just start paying back the loans. The mental freedom is not there to explore life.

And by the time they finish with student loans, there will already be lots of other debts accumulated along the way. Perhaps they are starting to think of how to pay tuition for their own kids. No one does that and enjoys wealth and happiness.

Even happiness is almost impossible that way. Think about it. The only friends you will have are people you go to school together, people you work with, and people you meet at leisure or religious activities. No place for passion because you were conditioned to go to school, you really don’t like your job, and true friendship isn’t built at leisure.

So what is the way forward? The way forward is to reflect and look backward at your life. What excited you about life? What activity fascinated you as a child? Where is that little kid you were many years ago?

As a child, you might think you want to be a tennis player because you were so obsessed with the sport. But to find your passion, you need to ask yourself why you were so interested in tennis. What about it made you excited? Is it the players? Is it the one-on-one competition it entails? Is it the athletics part of it? Is it the crowd? Is it the architecture of the pitch?

The best way to find your passion is to mentally return to your childhood and see what actually got you excited

It is the best way because as a child you are not thinking of responsibilities or money. You are not under pressure of any kind. It is the most unbiased state you can be.

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